Au Revoir 2009.

So here we are again. Obligatory contemplative end-of-year post. Sounds corny, but it's kinda sanatory to me. We need a licit excuses to have a cliched view of doing things sometimes. As I do now, I know I'm tremble but who fucking cares.

...I'm not going to compared the dissimilarity between 2008-2009. Each year I once discovered the changeability of mine that I have learned much and it's kinda therapeutic to me. I hate so much towards the goddamn yesteryear's memories that I have to admit, I'm still trying to forget. Most likely, the boyfriend may feel the same as he had said that he would not listen or reminisce our past memories. So I won't spill any of it here. I should respect his willing.

...the best thing about the whole fervent affair was this; I able to saved my own fucking arse. That was my choice to just walk away from all the mayhem and havoc disturbance. I should gratefully thanks to him. And myself. For those fucking salvation. So, I will limit those flaws that jeopardised our bond.

...there's no need to assert this anymore; but the spotlight of the year is without doubt the boyfriend. I've raved much about him for everyone to know how much he means to me- which is sooo darn true. I'm proud of us. Really! So yeah I got really fucking lucky. So who am I to not stop creaking about misfortune? Fuck me.

...this will be the first new year's eve in 2 years without Kaki clan, who were got their own plans. Aimie cannot make it as she's got plans in JB with her other besties. The sister; Nurul also not around, I guess I'll have to start getting accustomed to not having them around for a lot of things too anyway :'(

...as I said on the previous post, I've made a vow to change drastically about one thing of me; I mean whatever it is; well I have this sudden inexplicable urge to chop off my fucking long locks that may turns out to be horrid nightmare of mine. Well, we will see then.

I love today, MAJOR LOVE! The whole day with him did electrify me albeit did some al-nighter-as usual, from 2p.m till 5 freaking a.m with him was fucking awesome indeed! I guess, I'm not touchy about the sudden shorter hairdo I made, it's been an ages not have this kind fucking haircut.

Talking about the day; I was agreed to accompanying him for an interview at Carrefour (Subang Jaya) as account position he wanna fits in. (Sayang, can you do accounts anyway? Ha ha) And then we went to get off my fucking L licence at Section 27, finally. (Phew!) When I were asking to cut off my hair at the bestie's (Aznie) salon, he turned out to be moody and sullen because initially I do not want to cut my hair at her salon with some reasonable reasons that I just wanna keep to myself, thank you. Grr. Maybe he don't wanna meet Aznie after all chaos happened to us(?) Whatever. I still wanna go to Aznie's. Thank you.

Had been waiting like hell there for my makeover time. I've asked Aznie's elder sister; Kak Noni to do the task as I only trust her. But at last, my hair was chop off shorter than I have requested. Goddamnit. As I have said that I wanna do some drastic and a massive switched to my own look than before. Or maybe Kak Noni really wanna do some fucking 'magic' to me? The hell! I wanna have a better haircut exactly like Isla Fisher's hair in Definitely Maybe! But this, it's way different that she has. Grr. As the boyfriend said, "I don't wanna see you hair have been chopping off away. I'm gonna surely miss your former hairdo, sobsob". Ha ha. What a feeble you were, Sayang. Well, I'm that sarcastic too. Spank me hard please?

I need a time to get an outstanding feelings towards this new flash of me; this new year's hairdo. Fuckyeah. To make it happy; my head feels sorta lighten and bouy up my appearance I think. Heh.

After the makeover done, we went out for lepaks at Pak Li's Kopitiam. At that time felt sorta weird when he did non-stop look at me with his sweetness gaze on me while stroked my hair gently. I love his warm touch indeed. Oh oh the story still not ends. I asked for a movie night. Avatar kesayanganku (finally!) ended our day perfectly. Our seat was in great position as well. And so our 'movie'. Muahaha. The movie is initially started with mind-numbing track but we have to admit that was worth the dated. And I love the ending of the story, beautiful. Thank God he didn't zonk out. Thank you for your time sayang.

Well, I'm truly fine with the new hairdo as I'm always welcoming a new things around me. And so to twenty-ten! Can't fucking wait for any unplanned plans for tomorrow as we haven't plan anything at all. Definitely wanna celebrate the night with him. I wanna get his frigging 'magic' again. Ha!

Shite times, great times.
Just another one of those fucking years gone by anyway.

"By blood about me I fall when you leave, by blood about me I follow your lead".