Got my baby back; the one and only entertainment I have. Muahaha. I've been drilled too much on a new downloader like fuck right now. Massive appreciation to Mr Sayang for the whole endeavor. Thank you. The must-have downloads; YYY's album. Hurray! I've eventually got my OWN downloader. God bless me. Ya I already knew that. (-.-)"

Thank God;

...for the gratifying night out after much heartbreak drama happened to us lately. The fight that worsened and jeopardized our relationship. But not tonight darling. Calvary may come accidentally, calvary may go peacefully and leave us alone. Needless to say, I had jolly fun today with him. No stress no pain in the ass.

...and my sister (Nurul) had finally texting me. I know, as the boyfriend have said that she might not able to frequently keep in touch with me as she so damned busy with works. I have to admit, I missed her terribly that will makes me weep out loud like a kiddo lose her mom. What a prick. Above anyone else, (Don't be jealous eh Mr Sayang), I came to her for solace and she will cheer me up in any ways, we shared everything. When no parents nor boyfriend or even the bestie can maybe understand my quandary. She's the one in my life who is never convertible as she is the one that I trust the most. Too bad, we can't spend my last day here together since she merely free on weekends and I have to go back Segamat on fucking Saturday. FUCK. To make it worst; Lina's (The cousin) engagement happen on Friday and oh perhaps I can't even celebrating the New Year Eve here with Mr Sayang. Holy star, oh please give me another exclusion this time around. Pretty please~

...finally putting YYY-Maps in the playlists and listening this song over and over again. Heck, I can't find the Stars-Elevator Love Letter song. Godamnit. I shall not ever change the Electricity Scape here. That song do electrify me all day. Tee-hee.

...loving his 'magic' still. I could not resist having my dearly craved magics anymore. I won't stop craving it. Thank you, Sayang. Oh well, I love our webby pictures.

Allow me to introduce you; The Newest Geeks in town!

Tak pasal-pasal kena kiss. Yeay :)

Fuckyeah, can't have better hairdo.


Next up; must do this stupid activity on the next session. Ha ha.

...last night, he said I made him proud of me. I've finally eliminated all of the exes' gifts at somewhere only we know. And I did happily get rid of it, no regrets. That's the another step in being new of me, douched any dirts away that had dwell in so many years. If you need a brightest future, let the past foregone and never turn back. I follow his words which I think the best. I want a dandy life. With him. That's my vision now. *Crossfingers*

The only thing that irked me today was that; mom told me (Again!) that my brother found himself a final decision to quitting his study at UKM after 3 bloody years! Boo fucking hoo. And he wanna start over again in poli. Stupid arsehole. Secondly, Kuantan calling-Lina's engagement. Haih, if I don't go what will she say. Humph. I wanna get a jolly night on new year lah. How lah?

Can't wait to see him again tomorrow. I wanna chop up my long locks short. Heh
Yeay, I've got my life back!