A mind-boggling moment.

I had fun today and yesterday. Had sooo much fun and splendid time I tell you. It's been an ages(?) have not a 'usual' hangouts like that. Credit to the bestie; Aznie and her boyfie and Kak Lily for the day but heck I'm all alone-no Shahir. Fuckit. Though I did PMS like hell, I wouldn't refused the invitation of heaven. Muahaha. After watched the fucking Santau, she texted me after all majoks and no catch-ups. And how the hell lah I can resist her kan. Plus, I won't stay home (I mean I'm alone)-all mucked up!

Had sleepover at Kak Lily's crib yesterday-oh please know that this is my first time sleep at her place but we did fine all night long. Playing card, spilling session-the gossiping thingamajig, online shopping then only at 6 in the morning I zonked out and slept for measly 4 hours. We had another hangouts but today is way crucial. This time around, we went out to Bangsar-Bukit Bintang.
There's a few pics;

Guess what the fuck is THAT? Ngeh.
This cute little things cost RM50.
What the heck lah kan.

Tired of waiting his girlfriend(Aznie) sampai jadi gila dah.

Aznie, Kak Lily & Aren.

And I've just...cracked. (Duh!)

I so detest having a window-shopping. Grr!

Our mission: Find a dress for a casual event.

But she bought a cardie.


After did some oh well ALOT! of fitting but still not found any and this is how your face will look like!

Finally, we just don't care to buy or not.

Camwhore people!

Only God knows what I feel now. Pretty hectic of everything; backache and headache. Every shopping outlet we stopped by I was automatically find myself a bench to sit and inhale deeply. That was motherfucking tiring. What a prick. *cue sad face*


Oh on a much much much sadder note; I don't know what the fuck else that I'm still doing wrong? I hate seeking a perfection after all. Fuckme.

p/s: I miss playing card with Mr Sayang oh-so badly! And not forgotten, I miss playing that with Ain sayang :)