A note from Mr.Sayang

love is a hard thing.. the more we got ourself deeper, the more we eventually will fall.. it could break ur heart to pieces, yet it could make ur life a living heaven.. Love takes us to beyond ourself, dragging us far from our routine life, yet it changes u to becoming a wonderful person, a person that u love wishes u to.. one day we may be up, another day we may be down.. thats just the nature of it..

no relationship is easy, one day we're at the highest sky, and the next day we'll be way down to earth.. And maybe im the one who pushing it rock bottom, but hey, u r my angel, use ur wings to fly us up back lah.. :-)

who ever thought that the devil overwhelmed us today, damn u iblis2 sekalian.. losing our sanity really not the best way to make things right.. And yes, if this act happen again, i'll find a way to make sure those black eyes dont appear again.. next time, i'll let my 'magic' do the talking, and ur ermm, ur 'magic' do the finishing.. :P

i know im done wrongs, the little became biggest, anger become hatred, but in the end what i feel is totally different :

"I LOVE U" become "I Love You so much, and for me not to love u is unbearable and the thought of losing u already make me feel so fucking down, and therefore I MUST(is the exact word) to love u till the end, for good and for worst coz u know i cant live without u"

and my quote is

"I am myself to think logically, but to think what really is, "I AM YOU".. U are the perfect woman to think of that reflect me and for that, i lay my life on your shoulder"

Again, im deeply sorry.. i know im the one that went over madness.. And to her bestie, im sorry.. Rily have went too far this time.. I am not the men i am before.. GOD! plzz transform me back to my own self back lah.. im tired of this Dr Jackyl n Mr Hyde act..

Note to myself : "WAKE UP YOU MORON!.. im halfway woke up now, thanks to the slapping and dush dush! by my liltle kitty.. heh.. thank you.. deserving it, n u take all the credit.. perhaps we should (really/not really) do this slappin n dush dush! again huh.. *kinda like diz u know, woman slap rily hard to the one she cared, and i think i know where i stand in u.. it does mean a lot to me.. in the end, i know u care for me more then anything.."

Note to the owner of the bloggie : "I LOVE YOU".. and out of the topic to say this but who cares, "CANT WAIT TO GROW OLD WITH YOU"