A Note to Mr Sayang.(replied)

I have nothing to say. Running out of words I guess or perhaps I'm just getting bored of blogging(?) Ha ha. Today is might be another dreaded night, indeed. I think, Mr Sayang and I must find a better resolution. Well, I should forget those crazyass moments; won't spill about it here anyway. Pain in the ass. Period.

I gave my OWN lappy to Mr Sayang as he wanted to borrowing it desperately (Heh!) and mocked me to throw my precious things off away at longkang, memang sengaja cari nahas lah lu mat. Ha Ha Ha. Although he has his OWN compy and the broadband at his home, he still wanna used my lappy as I urged him to take charge and drill my stupid games at my OWN Mukabuku. Lepas satu bebanan, heh. And he did comment himself by using my OWN id okay! Sungguh funny la sayang. Well, I never thought he did that sweetest post on my OWN bloggie pun! Oh well, I'm insanely loving it, so no complaints whatsoever. I'm so darn happy! Oh sayang, thank you for that sweetness.

*Jerky smiling*


The 'tawar hati' mood has to fade away no matter what. Well, I never intended pun to feel that way. I'm just...spineless and weak now. I hope he could do something nicer then. Heh. Anyway, I hate slapping you lah moron! I don't wanna do that ever again, don't force me then if not I'd rather kill you by myself intentionally! Ha.

FYI, I can't simply copy & paste anything in this bloggie as he wanted to do that. Who teach you to type at notepad first? Padan muka, kena taip balik. Muahaha. But it's kinda weird, why the heck is that happen eh? I can't even put any music videos from youtube here as I did that on my older bloggie before. Why heh? Grr.

Bengang betul.

But today is bizarre indeed. I can FINALLY copy & paste yo. Yippee! Or maybe my lappy didn't wanna cooperate with me? Yeah right.

So, the time has come. They don't love you like I love you.

Oh I love you, Karen-O-verrated!

Karen's (O)rgasmic moan in this video? IMMENSE LOVE! She sounds sexy even when faking it, that sexayy bitch. The madness moment aside now; her voice is just beautiful here even when live, flawless. And so Nick's serabai hair. Love it still :)

Okay, I know I should sleep now!

p/s: When I read back this before I publish, baru perasan too many 'OWN' I have typed! Heh.