The Theory of Perfection.

Reminisce back to the previous issues, I have made so many troubles. And for now, I'm still hoping for a so-called 'miracle' to comes. Is it will working? Well, for that I should 'compensate' him with a good demeanor and some 'magic'. I believe one fine day he will realizes that I'm not the cruelest person ever he knew; or even the most annoying person.

Simple words that I should put on my mind; You come to love not by seeking the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person turn out to be perfect, perfectly.

A person will always look for a perfection; flawlessness. A feeling of complete. A time where I will cherish for the rest of my life. I wanna feel that such of feeling eternally. When I see an opportunity to be complete, I will religously hang on to it. But sometime I felt a different path there was. A big mistakes. Stupid as it may sounds.

I can merely hang on to what I only have. Which in my case, it is YOU. I know life is not about logic, and if it's about logic life is easy to be predicted. No one wants a boring life isn't it? So do I.

Ergo, I don't give a fuck anymore, I'll hang on to you. Through the thunder and sun, through day and night. And the way you accepted me in your life (I thank you for that), oh well I think I can't even pay back it in any logical way with my stupid brain could think. And because of that, the only way for me to repay you back is to love you. Ceaselessly.

I will find the perfection of mine. And the only way I can seek is to stand by your side no matter how hard it could be. We will stand still after all fall downs. I know it's hard but I'll be damned if I let go because no one have what we have. Thus, I'll stay the same, with the idiotic theory of mine, you may.

I know I'm not very good with words these days.