Craving your lullaby.

I've already missed him,vigorously. Oh well frankly, I have started to missing him like an idiot since the very last day I saw him. And it was somehow aggravate my day unintentionally. I need the weekend NOW! Damn my feeblest state. Must stand convincingly strong for another 6 days. Suspire deeply jap. If not you can't keep typing anything here because you'll get heart attack then, silly.

I'm not even bored here lah. No joke. I really had fun today albeit only with Farah and Ziera, I really had fun I tell you so do not throw any sympathy on me. Grr. Segamat ain't that bad after all. Ha! Okay, this is sounds tad amusive I know. Boo me.

Thank God I still have them around. The strolling and gym activity is absolutely necessary for us. Ha, I know I'm that skinnier who doesn't need to squeeze myself to be skinniest right? But hey for now and then I do want a healthier lifestyle indeed! Let us see how far I could stand still on this degree. Hiss me, again. Fuck the aching of having much needed warm-up. Ha, I'm sticking with the resolution still lah. Grr.

Need to find a new sport shoe! I've lost the latest one, grr. Haih, where the hell lah they went. As I've eventually love the outdoors gym facilities. Especially with the act of running one. Ha Ha. We have to waited one another for our turns since that thing only have one je. Berebut macam kiddies. Ha Ha. Whatever. As long as we are happy~

I don't know what is wrong with me lately. At one time, PMS tak tentu pasal ja. Then squealing throughout the day then made him down. Gosh, I've messed up mannn. Sorry. I guess, I'm just missed him rottenly. Damnnnn :(

Hiss me, to the end.

Seeing your picture doesn't heal the pain.
I need you.

Really hope I could come home this week. Keeping my finger crossed!