Hello Twenty-Ten.

I have always wondered how perfect it would be like the last year's celebration. I have to admit, this is the worst ever. Well, who was really urged wants to go Genting Highland anyway? Screw me. But who the hell was the idea popped out from is? Yeah the bestie; Aznie. Ha ha. I am not blaming her pun, it's just...funny. Funny how, the boyfriend's foot was shivering and pretty hectic with driving (Poor Sayang) as the road have a throng of cars beyond us. Stuck and massive jammed for 2 fucking hours! What the fuck was that happened! I swear to God won't burden myself celebrating new year's eve at there anymore. Grr. Tulah, always expected too much je!

Oh well, no regrets came out pun!

The fucking jam-packed!

Went out from my house at 11.30 p.m and arrived on the top only at 4 fucking a.m and we just spent merely 2 effing hours there. We missed out the fireworks performance that night. Failed. I found myself a new verdict; I hate that chinese's driver and all of them-I'm not afraid at all of this recognition of mine. Fuckyou, moron! If only I get a chance to spit out my sweet saliva on his fucking face, I won't hesitate I tell you. Sungguh bengang. Why lah they used to have that fucking self-centered act? Why must?!

Had only taken a few of pics as the phone was out of battery;

Straight away to MarryBrown and having some not-so-great supper.
I so love our pic here. Love it!
As he looks so 'handsome'.
And I look sorta banshee heh?
Them :)
Sweet indeed.
Makan pun nak pandang tempat lain.
But unlike with her boyfriend; Aren.
Bahaha :D

All and all, I ain't no regret in my thought and any agitated feelings was never built in my head. As long as I'm with him is worth all the time and penny. And this new year's eve celebration is absolutely the most pleasant night to be, uber-cool. So true, no sweet talks whatsoever. So the azam baru might be; wanna pinch his arse harder and I must agree with you Mr Sayang that I wanna touch your heart softly too, no fights no heart-break drama okay deal? I hope we won't be apart albeit our distance might be far away due to the fact that I will be depart to Segamat on this Sunday. No matter how far you away from me, you'd in my head still. Ignore the cliche words people.

In deep inside, I was too fucking distressed myself as I shed alot of tears unintentionally. I am sorry. I have been much wondering of this suffering. How can I live my live without him sooner or later? As I've get used to having him by my side at fucking 24/7. Perhaps time will tell and show us that we are unbeatable with ceaseless bond of us and so never-ending happiness. I will miss him exceedingly. Oh time please ticking faster, I can't wait to grow older with him. Ignore this very menggelikan words I know, screw me.


I'm welcoming this twenty-ten with open arms.

RANDOM: Talking about the bestie's English lang communication; is kinda suck (To be true, I know I'm not good in Eng jugak!) but she's still learning it. So, I will non-stop supporting her. Funny how, supposedly saying this;"I don't mind" but she used this unsuitable words; "I don't care" that she used to answering my Q. When I've got her message, I once was shocked like hell and then laughed out loud like an idiot je. Ha ha. Thank you Aznie. We've non-stop bahan her with that instance. Jahat betul.

To the boyfriend; I love you. I hope I can see you tomorrow before I depart. Don't forget to bring my precious butterfly pensil case along eh? I love you. Till death do us part.

To my immense screwed; I didn't go to Kuantan. I know I'm such a sloth in going my ass off to wedding event. Teruk! So now, I'm starving to death like hell. Damn it!