"I feel old but not very wise".

Had been pretty busy and fussy here and there, now and then. Chehcheh macam artis pulak. To be frank, 4 freaking days without touching and tinging any blogosphere is kinda weird somehow, what a lame. Anyway, too many things had happened to me a while back-that is a mixture of bitterness and sweetness. Heh. The new verdict that I could gladly tell here is; I didn't have any regrets in me although I've got back Shah Alam merely in 3 fucking days. But it did still worth it. Thank you very very much.

I've finally found myself a new verdicts. Bittersweet indeed;
  1. Never will lepak at kedai nasi lemak nearby the train anymore. Grr. Ladies and gentlemen, let us boycott that fucking stupid arsehole, what a prick she was. What the fuck lah kau suka-suka nak halau customer, even if using lower tones pun, still...'customer comes first' kot! Fuck.you.bitch.
  2. Saving myself from any perils that might happen to me without any signs. In my case; orang tidak siuman menggila. With hideous make-up she put on were horrifically 'cantik' as fuck. Oh not forgotten; "Jangan lari!"-People, don't main kejar-kejar at railway station kay! Please know that is merely my second time taking trains. Fuck me.
  3. Not stopping at that. In the train still got a throng of orang tidak siuman. Next time, we shall take our way home elsewhere rather than that stupid place. Preferably somewhere where people have brains I think. Ha Ha. Thank God I have finally took a nap at there-since the environs is fucking pesky. Yek yek.
  4. The sweetness; having ultra-high chill out with Mr Sayang, Aznie and her clan on the last Friday and Saturday was mind-blowing indeed. Shisha at Carlos and supper at William's (Oh I love sharing sparkling lemonade with him there!). Big thank you for that Sayang for the night. Albeit we did not go somewhere peculiar, I still having so much fun, REALLY. Well, I love the clouds of shisha around us-they've been behaving like a kiddo. Funny indeed. Oh not forgotten we've played card-guess who the hell always won?
  5. Mr Sayang had finally found a new job. Yeay. Straight after I've reached Shah Alam, I've accompanied him to Seri Segi(?) for an interview. Kudos to Farah for helping us. Thanks Mok!
  6. Never thought that Seraimas(?)Restaurant is my ex-schoolmate(Zafira) family's restaurant-somewhere at Section 23, nearby Mr Sayang's office anyway. But heck she's studying at Penang now-still got no catch ups since the very last bloody semester break a while back until now. Haiyo~
  7. Had eventually gave him a newly note as we've bunch of fights lately. Ergo, I have to do something 'desirable' to keep us stay. Heh. Fuckyeah I am not fucking lame after all lah. Sayang, I'm still waiting for your reply anyway :p
  8. I detest backstabbers. I don't give a fuck to anyone who's talking bad things about me and spread any malicious gossip thingamajig behind me or even you are currently in my friend's list but you still wanna do that, that is totally fine with me, I've nothing to do with it pun anyway. I must say that you just don't have your own fucking life, don't ya? Please. Pleaseee~ Go get a new life will ya? Mind your own fucking business lah. I really detest this. Don't confront me with your fucking frosted eyes or whatever the fuck else, I won't stare them. Thank you.
  9. The good new was this; I still haven't skipped any classes since this semester begun. Hurrah! Happy for the time being! Hoping that I won't changed this nerdy demeanor. *Crossfingers!*
  10. The lectures, the timetable, and the classes are pretty okay I guess. But heck, I can't keep up with Si Kecik's clan. Whatever.

I'm not going back this week. I'm gonna be sooo fucked up here. But I guess I will clean up a fuckload of dirty clothes. Grr. It has been as high as Gunung Ledang already. Goddamnit. All and all, I have to endure it in two fucking weeks. Otherwise, my life would be miserable!

My new resolution is that;


I miss him already. No yeay. :'(