Kena Gigit.

Had joyous fun and refreshment laughter last night. Albeit I detested to death to the activity, I felt happy somehow. Fuckyeah, at least I've (unexpectedly) beat the most arrogant player down; Mok Farah. Berlagak sungguh. Ha hambik kau! Muahaha! 2-1. Well, the petanque/petong(?) (Does I spell it right?) was mind-bending. Maybe it only because I had won. Woot Woot~ Ha Ha. Can't wait for the next week's activity.

Yay, I won!
*Shake my ass off*

I felt wholly happy when the sister (Kak Nurul) has eventually texting me with this;

"Apa tu-Great catching up?"


Yeah I know I'm a mobile dictionary to her. Then I've squeezed her to called me up as I missed her damn much. We have nifty conversation and laughter then. She said she tremendously likes Nobody-Wonder Girl song and then I've said she's so 2000 and late. Ha Ha. However, I've squeezed and squealed to sang that song together gayly. Yeah, fuck us as being so gay. And that made my day automatically rejoicing. Kudos to her. But heck I can't wait for the next week to happen. Her birthday is on 25th but I have class on that day. What a shithead.

Will figure it out later.

To make it worse; a fuckload of assignment and workload are already waiting in line to be done. Grr. I detested this as I'm one the most lazyass in the world. Ha Ha. Revamping mode again. Yeah right. The thing that irked me badly was this; After all the workload has done and we've got ready to meet 'her', she did cancel the meeting at the very last minute. So the BABI effing was worthy to her. Fuck.

Oh well, let me tell you something spooky; This is my first time to have a bite. It were ridiculous lah if I bite my leg by myself kan? Surely I was bitten by a vampire indeed! Tulah mulut takde insurans. Serves me right. Let's see the snapshot;


Yeah this is the hideous leg of mine.

To make it much horrible; Aimie told me that I was mengigau macam orang tidak siuman. She has asked me whether I did wash off my legs and face or not, well I did! But maybe it wasn't enough to deflect me from mengigau. Whatever. My legs kinda aching then-urat timbul by all of sudden. Hoping it won't getting worst. Mr Sayang is worried too much until he asked me to come home. I have to refused as I believed there's nothing bad could happen. Kot la.

Haih, what a crappy day.


The only survived; me, Mok Farah and Ziera will be bump each other in the middle of the jungle since Mok Sya also wanna berambus tomorrow. Grr.

Random; I had finally started to read Twilight novel. I know I'm such a sloth reader you should just spank me already! Oh well I've been hankering like a kiddo to borrow this from Asilah Anak Termili aka Shiloh. At least I have something to do here. (Cheh, lupakan assignment sebentar.) Well, I can't fucking believe I haven't read it sooner. Hiss me.

Awhh, thinking of the bite that I've gotten, why lah that stupid vampire bite against me? As I am vampire too! My blood wasn't yummy at all pun! Whatever.

Note to Mr Sayang; We must have a fight. Ha Ha. I love you anyways. Thank you for your concerns. I know this is the hardest things to moving on. But you know kan I won't give up. Must be strong and! Firmly loving you.