Love Factory.

To be true, I've been sad a lot lately.

Today is might be just another harebrained day for your souls. Same goes to me, but fortunately it had turned out to be the most graceful day of my whole life.

To my immense thankful, we are 11-months-old now. At 3 p.m to be exact. So yeah, I have to come home no matter what albeit I've got fuckload of assignment and not forgotten the coming presentation but hey(!) today's essentially significant deal for us.

I might simply lose the clarity and sanity of mine if this is may not happening. I don't mind for wandering all the way from the zoo to this divinity town by myself. I repeat; by myself, I kept my own company, in decent word; ALONE! Ha! It showed that I eventually have a so-called gut fits in me just because of him. Ahh, it have always been up to him, that little boy. Nyiawww~

Ergo, no complaints of being alone in the bus and a banging backache and headache was terribly ate me up. I'm being sane :)

Oh oh I remember, the first day we've predicated to be as one, which the meroyan mode had eventually gone between us after all bunch of main-tarik-tali act, but yeah I love it! (But he said, I'm the one that merely meroyan, bullshit!) Well frankly, I've been waiting someone like him for 20 years, to be in love like this. Only God knows how grateful I was at that time. Thank God.

One had told me that no one in couples thingamajig will always loyally be in love each other and then it made the relationship vulnerable. In other words; never-ending fights and heartbreak dramas. It maybe happen because of the third party? Lies upon it? Or without any purposes, just a routine whatsoever?

We'll never know what will happen in future anyway. Plus, we don't even know who's the hell the future husband/wife could be either. So trust me, love is unpredictable. As I did firmly believe on such thought too. Unlike with my case; I trust him alot as he didn't made any stupid flaws so far, thankfully we're just fine all the way. Hopefully, we will be just fine, today and hereafter. FINGER CROSSED.

Note to Mr Sayang; not that I don't trust our amour love to stand by us, (I do love you to death!) but if we keep the faith in us still, love is absolutely non-stop clinging to our relationship nevertheless, trust me!

May God bless us.

The fights is actually taught us to be stronger. I shall believe on that.
Love is hard, I know.

We'll see.