Practice Makes Perfect.

Sorry. I'm just a human being after all-I have acted (unintentionally!) like a superficial jerk lately. What the hell have I been thinking-I simply don't know why.

I've been hurting you, senseless
The bruises and pain that I have caused
I guess it'll just to be happen accidentally
And you'd endure it
You'll merely coax me
Without a period
And you still is.
(Though now you zonked out from 6p.m already?!)

I'm such a weakling, I know
To let myself drowning
From time to time
I've been feeling off
Dead, somehow.

I'm sorry for everything
For the fucking wrath
I stumbled again
And I have lost the only fortitude I have
To feel it back in the nerve

But now
I don't know how to know
What have we think

I've never intended to screw you

Sorry again.
I love you.

I want his 'magic' back!
Can I?

Random: My bahasa is cacat! Made me look sooo fucking ridiculous. I know my bahasa has always been a bit cacat. I'm only good with cursing and effing in the language. Yesterday it was fucking borderline pathetic; I wanted to say 'membahan' but I said 'berjenaka'. What the fuck was that? So I deserved the ironical laugh by The Darlings on the last night out. The most unforgivable mistake; babi berlalu. Okay fine!

So, this time around, I shall repair and vivify my bahasa and pertuturan.

Thank you!

It's 1 fucking a.m and I know I should've sleep by 12p.m anyway as I have full and packed classes tomorrow-the first class at bloody hell Intan some more. Grr. But I still can do this-as this is only the way to clear things out. Ahh, can't fucking wait for tomorrow! Shah alam, here I come!

I desperately need a little break.