Take me away will ya?

I don't have any mood to blogging tonight but goddamnit I have nothing to do. What the fuck else I must do rather than this you tell me? Sighh. I've 'finally' start my new student life at this fucking hellhole-that I may say that I've been waiting for this. bullshit. Yeah trust me on that state of mine. With the fucking boredom that I've got used to bear it. Babi. Only two days in here but I'm getting insane already with it. But thank God I still have friends here. If I don't have them here, that is so not shithot anymore! Kudos to them, two thumbs up!

What happened to us at B148;

Aimie macam babi memekak.
Farah asyik study sambil main farmville 24/7.
Sya lak pun same~

And me? Fucking myself alone.

Kat Shah Alam pun merungut bosan, duduk dalam ini hutan pun lagi lah babi bosan okay! Fuck fuck fuck it lah! The one thing that vexed me was that; I have classes on Monday till Thursday-okay that is fine wimme that my friday is my dayoff, but things was fucked me up when I know I got three fucking days fully packed! From goddamn 8 a.m-6 p.m yo. This is really pissing me off which I think I will miss most of my morning classes mannn-hopefully not lah. Haiyoyo~

To Aimie & Farah,
Please do wake me up. Strict and unplayful demeanor is preferable.

No play-play dah and no more drama. Yeah right!
Have to wake up early tomorrow. Gahh, I miss my slothful days freely and peacefully wasting my time with most likely facebooking, lepaking and etc. No stress at all. Heaven~ But this? Bloody hell lah! Well, I assure you that I might lose my mind in three days more. Fuck lah.

Oh God please help me~

Note to Aimie, Sya, Farah & Ziera;


That's that. Stopping it now.

Awhh, I'm sooo fucking miss him dearly :(