A Treat That Takes My Breathe Away...

The sweetest thing that a women could do is to make a special treat for her loved one.. And Yes, Miss Kitty have proven that sweetly.. How she nailed it; heres how.. The preparation for going back to hometown was truly delightful, the not so surprised moment is truly surprising indeed.. And the crunchy ice breaking session where no words are necessary to be spilled.. Just the glance of an ‘miss u so much till I wanna hug u tightly’ type of eyes was indeed settled the previous fight.. And im glad we didn’t talk about it much, let it just fly away with the past and focus on 3 days..

But wait, with all of this magical moments, the main dishes didn’t seem to be served yet.. A cup of tea at Taipan is surely opening appetizer for the night.. With the laugh and the so much things to talk about makes the world clapping cheers for us.. It was wonderful of u Miss Kitty.. And after the rundown of ‘pusing2 at roads’ yes, she finally shown me the main dishes, the best part of the reason for she coming back.., the moment that both of us have been waiting for, Walla!! c'├ętait magnifique!! The seeing stars moment where we see brightest star.. We both look delirious as we reconnect the stars that have been fired up in our heart.. I really had a wonderful time, for u to being there beside me and your anxiously non-stop smiling and notty-ness.. haha.. It was a very great time indeed.. I just can’t wait for another 2 weeks to wait for my little kitties..

Albeit the not seeing for the next night, I had so much fun having breakfast with you.. And I just found myself another specialty; Driving teacher perhaps? Haha.. Owh I miss you already, I miss you and I miss u and I miss u.. This little girls that I will miss so much.. And much more enjoying the moment where u see my hairs chop off.. Even with your non-stop teasing, I love it when u do that kitty.. Comel~

And the dessert was done in such a sweet mixture of words, A place to shares your undying love to the world, The little bloggie.. It was surprising because I was sleeping at that time and she suddenly makes it for me.. Wow, it really is a blowing mind.. It is a perfect plan and indeed the sweet treat from Miss Kitty.. I know we both have been a little misunderstanding lately.. But on this situation, WE NAILED IT!!!

Now, on this very moment.. Im damn full of your exceeding love.. Got hearts in my eye *wink wink*.. Can’t wait for another 2 weeks from now, I will be waiting impatiently as always.. I shall be waiting impatiently for my little kitties which I missed them so much.. hehe..

Here’s a little thought for us to share… IM INSANELY IN LOVE WITH YOU, Miss Kitty..

Here’s a little bit to for u to hold… Be good there, always remember me, do take care of yourself physically n mentally..