Just get back from Fin's class. And the class was started at 8 frigging p.m! The other things that vexed me; today's schedule was wadded from 8 a.m to 10 p.m. Now tell me when the hell the weekend gonna hit me? Bloody hell.

HR's class was bloody ho-hum and pretty boring like usual. Nothing much to crap about. Zzz.

Fin320 class was suddenly cancelled at 10 a.m. Bliss. Yeay :D

But! We have to go outing for making and patching up of our interview for the INS312. No yeay. My beautifool plan to get the wonderfool siesta was undesirably down to the drain. GRR. I've even not get any of that till now even the little bit one. Goddarnit. I desperately need the ZZZ.

But at least the day wasn't that boring after all. I need to buy the bus ticket but heck I haven't much plenty of time. Hiss me. The stupid not-so-day-off was happened horribly terrific but that was happened initially horrific when these three stupid dumb dumb girls was fought like cat and dog and pig weh. Nyiawww~

It happened maybe as the weather was terribly hot. Hot.Hot.Mess. Indeed! So, ignore the sememeh face. Went to AIA and ING's office for the POPPED interviews. No formal letter for an appointment anyway. We've just go.


I looked grumpy at that!

More grumpy. GRR.
With Rachel and her hubby-The ING Sales Manager.
They looked so darn cute.
Envy them.

Hope things gonna be much better for tomorrow. Hope the upcoming presentation will happen awesomely. Finger crossed. The on-going assignment is definitely have not forgotten. Could die! Wonder if things gonna weaken our bond actually, hope not. Damnnn, I miss him like hell now. It's twice-So, no yeay :'(

The next top model in town.


See, I don't curse alot (it's NIL!) on today's entry as the boyfriend already had complained and extremely quetched. I won't fuck much then. Ya I know, that was much frigging irritated but heck I can't help it and even easily stop resisting! Tidak disengajakan pun. Pardon me. I have to admit that I would aging more riotous if I can't stop effing and oathing and blablabla. Apalah nak jadi dengan anak Pak Berahim nih! Hiss me then.

Peace y'all.