Spread the wings, hugging you tight.

Its been so long since i'd wrote with this bloggie.. Not trying to put an excuse, but im merely got no time to post it.. I've been working as late hour as could get.. been home at 8.30 pm everyday not making my night energetic to squeeze this little brain to shuffle a word.. *sigh, plus miss kitty have asked for this numerous of time, well kitty here's the thing..

So, finally have my cuti.. YAY!!! how im so waiting for the weekends.. Atleast i could wake up late again ( im so damn pro at this) , and how much i needed the rest at home.. My body not really gearing up with me lately.. So i shall enlighten my body with a lil' jog and some work out.. Plus, this week something weakens me, im in a very bitter position.. I must admit something is playing with my head, and what i shall endure is on my own to deal with.. I know it will be hard.. esp got two side knocking my head really hard this time.. Im not angel, im just a normal weak human being.. What im tryna say is im a men n do treat me as one.. I lowered my ego for u and why cant u..

What can i say about my weeks.. hmm, been a boring weeks for me as i could not see the face that have no eyebrow women.. I miss her so much.. I wish i could hold her hands right now n see her smile.. When she smiles, everything is great witme.. Even if the world falls, all i need is her delicate smile to make it better again.. Plus ur hands, ur soft hands that touched me with so much loving.. I miss every part of u.. But as a men, i must stand still waiting for that moment to come.. 2 more weeks i gez, n ur back with me to hold to.. I JUST CANT WAIT..

The thing that make me miss u most, My love belongs to you.. Nice strategy to keep me missing u so much.. Gez what, It did work.. I sit on my desk, and i saw that cute little face on my desk with the word "My love belongs to u" make my day.. God, thank you for giving me a soulmate that is so sweet..

I know u think that its not the perfect time to post this, esp when we are in this situation.. Let me tell u again, I LOVE YOU EVEN IN GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD TIMES.. Its hard not to love u even for a day coz im really glued to u.. i hope u do feel that way as i am..

Now the thing that makes me smile and the main reason why i wrote all of diz, A 1 record breaking year for me!! We reached the 1 year anni.. I'd never get this long, and for that i must thank you Kitty ibrahim.. your patience and your loving attitude makes this work.. Your 'magic' is something that i adore..

If i said that u r 1 in a million, there would be 6000 person equals with u, if i said u r 1 in a billion, there would be 6 person as the same as u.. For me, u r 1 in a zillion, no one is as great as u.. One night, I sorta trying to put how much i love u.. and my brain started to create bout this when im taking a shower and hell yeah i do feel that way with u.. Its a lil' magic that my brain sorta think off in shower, and im automatically in lovey dovey mode again.. Hooray to my brain..

For a year anni, i must say congratz to us.. This few days i walk with nose high, arrogant walk, and juz wanna shout " im a year with kitty, jealous much?" haha.. I know im overreacting, but this excites me.. Im so damn happy to be having a relationship where i could focus on living in for the next 50 years or even more.. Teehee~.. Finger crossed*

I ran a lil bit of questions for our anny:

Did we deserve it?
YES we are..

Did by any chance we gonna get the next year?
For this question, both must answer it; mine is "OFCOZ!!, i cant wait for next year"

Did u love her?
what type of stupid question is this, ofcoz i do!!

What do u feel overall bout the 1 year relationship with kitty?
We have our mighty sweet days and we have our gloomy days, but overall, its the best moment of my life..

What do u like most about Azni Ibrahim?
Can my kitties count? winking*.. There's a thing about her, when she touch u it feels like ur touching an angel, when she smile. u could melt.. Everything bout her.. I love it when she love me too.. I love her to be my Mrs Shahir..

See i told u kitty, dont ask for me to write bloggie when im in lovey dovey mode.. It will show the Romeo romantic side of me.. Muahaha.. Till now, I wait for her to show what she can do.. Waiting impatiently here.. hehe



Lets recap our 1 year, i let the pix do the talking..

See see, no eyebrow.. told u..

Fun huh?


Its the 'bond' that keeps us together ryte? I know..

I seriously miss to jog with u..

Its still a long journey, but i know we'll make it..


It's 22nd of February baby!

I don't know how to start (REALLY!), the words was like refused to vented itself here lately, though I have a bunch of stories to tell, am still helpless. I'm out of words and I simply don't know why. In a decent words; I'm fucking speechless now. Dumbass! Sighhh. To make the matter worse, I'm already at Segamat. Bloody hell! Ika Nadia had bought a fucking ticket at 9 freaking a.m.(Do not worry I won't blame on her at all as it thank you very muchhhh!) That shall be the first time I've got back earlier. New record! Not so hurrah moment to brag anyway. Well, I have to get back earlier nevertheless as I've got bloody presentation tomorrow goddamnit! Thank God all the fuckload of workload has been done.

I moannnn and groannnn. I really wish I could stay for another day just wanna celebrating our 1-sweet-year anniversary. I found myself jading when I know I can't even stay longer. I'll be jinxed if I meet the failure in the next mission then. GRRR.

I know, I've been abysmally messing up his head, for the fucking wrath and everything, I thought I don't deserved any good fortunate happened around me. I'm just a fucking lame bitch you guys just give a pat on the head already!

I should've practice the whole shebang that I have been putting it on my mind recently. To love from inside. Back to the 'mission' to 'save the earth' that I've already failed from the start, I hope this could be a wise way to repay his brokenheartedness. Hope so~

Thinking of our previous dazzled celebration; I somehow remain serene in the midst of upheaval. Gratefully, we have reached one year mark. Regardless, we've strained our love with practising the whole shebang. I thank God he have faith in our relationship too. I never thought he could loyally stay by my side, in a good times and bad times. I just know that I'm the happiest amongst the happier person in the world! We won't never ever split up in the future, I supposed. For sure.


For reminiscing I shall put the snapshots below;

The snapshot above is actually taken as the first time (Really!) we've took picture together. And I've applied it as my wallpaper on my mobile phone afterward, even though we're just afriends at that period. Did I say that I was in my meroyan mode? Whateverrr. I know, I was soo crazy in love!

This shall be our latest snapshot together before I have headed to Segamat. Never get bored to take a picture with him :)

Sayang, I love your 'magic'. I love your love. I love everything about you. Thanks for being such a good friend, for being able to be such a great lover the best ever I had. For layaning my psyched out over nothing, for teaching me to be a great lover too, for giving me another chance to be your girfriend even though everyone knows that I'm suck all the way. To be true, I've never fall in love like I do today. Living with you has eventually brigthen up my life. I oughta appreciate every single thing that you gave to me; especially your love. That's great to know that you do love me too, and I don't know how to repay back your kindness, I was too selfish before. I am sorry for everything. But for today and hereafter, I choose to stay with the chosen one; it's you. No matter how hard it could be, I've promised you that I won't ever leave. So, I won't.

We've been gladly making a new 'contract' people. I wished I won't wait for that particular matter to hit us. Hope that it could help us to just stay. Period.

To make it less but not least;


To be exact, we're officially 365 days baby! Scare them away!

Wait, they don't love you like I LOVE YOU.


How to say goodbye(?)

I know I'm not good with words lately. Plus, I'm one lazy arse. Ergo, I let these snapshots below do the talking;

This place look like an Eywa place in Avatar!


Ha ha.

Silly me.

Gila kan?
Bf sapo la nihhh. Hihi.
What a hideous smile! Sheesh!

Awhhh this is fucking cute!

I was stunned with that tree! Red hot!

I don't know who's that guy anyway . . .

I love green.

Again, I don't have any idea who's that guy!

And I don't know why the hell I put this snapshot in!

I like.


Had fun with the stunning lights there. I felt like I was in Avatar movie. Really. Initially, we had came there but at that time they've already closed at 12 a.m, what a prick. Well, that was unplanned plan from him anyway, I was so happy when he outdid himself for the sweetest treats. Since that place was already closed, we went there on the other day. No regrets.

I felt much happier for seeing him happy. To see his big fat laughter with his friends. I was so happy too, had jolly time and enjoyed their jokes around with shisha. Since, Mr Sayang and I had lowered our smoking habit. Don't be disbelieving now, everyone around me knows it all. One fine day, I shall stopping it.

Please know that Mr Sayang had outdid (Again!) himself. He told some lies to his friends just because he wanna meet me that night. I just don't understand why is it so. But we still managed for having a salvation at Carlos. Gelak macam orang gila! -.-"

But before we reached there, I've asked him for helping me finish my darn assignment at Taipan. Since, we seldomly take any picture together, there's a redemption for that matter;


He as so sweet copying my pose at one of the snapshot above. Damn him. Whateverrr. We vigorously made our day to the fullest, as much as we can since my day here last in another 3 fucking days. If only I can stay longer here, I won't go. But now, I won't stop sighing, I supposed. We don't have to plan anything for celebrating our anniversary as I know I'm not here on this precious 22nd! I should fuck it. Screw it up! :'(

Wonder what will happen on our last Saturday(?)

To say the least, it's never ever been better than this!


A Sentimental Heart.

Woke up (ordinarily?) late at 6 p.m. Holy cow. Sangat-sangat pemalas. Sheesh. Have to stop the sloth's act anyway. I know I should've stopped this zany demeanour of mine since I've got unwaveringly great conformation living at the precious zoo-I thought I've finally enjoyed the bedtime's schedule there but unfortunately the bad habit still loyally fits in me. Well, at least I can peacefully sleep at 12 a.m sharp at there and wake up at 7 freaking a.m as I've got classes at 8 a.m. in every day.

*Cue sad face*

What's eating me the most; the premenstrual syndrome was fooling me so many times. (There it goes my roller coaster ride) I've got ultra-techy and had pull some fractious act lately, (Remark to the previous post of mine) I simply know it all now after all. Bloody hell. The favourite victim; Mr Sayang. (Who else?) So the worthwhile sorry ass should I bring? Of course! He as super-duper ajaib penyabar was comfortingly treated me oh very well. So, when the menstruation has come on the Saturday, I was acting ten times of crankiness and shit eccentric. This is what happened to me after I finished eating;

Sleep?! Fuckyeah.

Rather annoyingly;
"Do not mess with me lahhh. Saya gangster tau!"
I wished I'm not a girl not even a woman.

Ha Ha Ha.

Eventhough we haven't celebrated the Valentine's Day like other morons, we still managed having another mind-fucking-blowing moment. The best damn thing. Really. We don't have to go somewhere peculiar place of romanticistic or whatever the fuck else rather than at the bench in front of my crib. It's mere happiness and delight has filled in our nerves, I know. Bliss~
Thank God there is no super-whacky gigantic nyamoks here :)

The mere topic at that moment was that; our childhood memories. Please know that when we were still a kids, we lived at the same section, nearby my house! No joke. But only he was 11 years he had to moved on to Alam Megah with his family. We're at the same school but we've never seen each other, maybe we had but we never know. What a small world isn't it? When the first time I met him, that was completely not a so-called deja vu, it's what we called as 'kimia'. Heh.

He asked me some stupid question;

"If I'd still living here (Section 24), do you think our love could bind like we have now?"

Tsk Tsk.

And I remember about my crazyass experience when I was in Tadika. There was a chinese kid in my class was speaking in Mandarin when he confronted me which I don't even know what the fuck does it mean at all. BUT what I did; I was acting like I can interpret every single word and I replied his babbling like I really understood! BUT what the funniest thing is he acted like he understood too! And replied it with non-stop talking a crap. So there we go, I don't really remember what had happened next but what I remember is we are NOT friends then. What a prick. Is that means I can talk Mandarin since I was merely at 6?! Yeah righttt.

Awhhh, I remember the time I was bullying the boy next door of mine. I was hitting him with the gigantic wood. So no wonder; I still am such a badass brat. Hihi. Saya gangster tau!

Switch to the Mr Sayang's story-morry pula, he has excitedly showed me the place where he plays soccer, rounders, main guli, main mak-mak, masak-masak, kahwin-kahwin and blablabla.(Another three games tu tipu ja!) I've been there at one of the ground that he mentioned but most likely I detested that place because there was a fucking moron who's once my favourite enemy. Whateverrr.

After countless times of verbalising here and there, without any warnings, we've chitchatted unconsciously till our time is up due to the azan subuh has come. Tulah borak sampai lupa diri.



I've never firmly believe on the state of trust or even truce. But now everything is changes I know. I hope you are too. FINGER CROSSED.

Wonder what will it be in another 7 beautiful days here. MUST not forgotten our 1-sweet-year anniversary. I can't fucking wait tau!


Currently enjoy listening to Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist-soundtrack. But the most fucking beautiful song; Xavia by The Submarine and Last Words by The Real Tuesday Weld. Never heard about 'em before but still, I can't stop playing it on the loop now nevertheless. Gila.

If the UiTM wants to give a holidays to the students, the lecturer supposed to not giving a shitload of workload, I must say! What a mess. Sheeshhhh!

Shall stopping it now. Otherwise . . .


The Whole Shebang.



via I wrote this for you.


Ummm~ Whatcha Say?

I know, I'm kinda sloth in updates(unintentionally), based on the previous post; that was actually unfinished post due to the fact that I'm not in the good mood lately (I've found myself jaded, amoral, like a wretched prisoner huddled in the stinking zoo), and I simply don't know why is it happening. I'm just a little lost. Regardless, the title of that post had vented itself there. What a prick I was. Spank me hard then.

The salvation; after all much chaos happened to me yesterday was worthy in the night. With him. The person I've been fucking rinduuu the most! Yet another person; Aznie (The Bestie). Been mingling with a good bantering and spilling session was mind-fucking-blowing. Love them so~

So, that is an evidence that I ain't not so sloth in updates. Veniable much? Heh. And who the hell keenly kidnapping me without any excuses from me anyway? Oh well I should thank you for that Sayang, I'm just being such an arrogant bitch. I've been missing you crazy lahhh!

Thus, the all-nighter was worthy all the way. Really! Had victorious(!) fun with the people I loved the most. No serious wrath had swear off nor severe topic had pissed us off. NADA! I had gave him the precious present that I've bought at Malacca when I had trip to Kuala Pilah for an ENT's assignment. Well, at least I still remember to buy something cute for him. Though that thing is not cost lots, I trully meant it from the bottom of my heart. Cheh cheh cheh. But who the hell was acting like a kiddy who's desperately wanting a gift anyway? Hah!

Thank God he as so sweet nipped the present off from me :)


Talking about a miscellaneous jeopardies that had happened to me on the other day, I'll be doomed if I were missed the bus. To make the matter worse, I have to walk from the clinic nearby the train to the bus station as the train have to passed at the moment my bus is due in another seconds goddarnit! And I almost collided THAT fucking train! I was like; WHOA! Do not bump me off, I still haven't tie the knot yet! I have found myself a new verdict of this story; it was like the Final Destination scene BUT it would be exactly the same as that outrageous scene if I really die. Whoops! T.T

Thank God I'm still alive.


Over the ranting and babbling of us did show how much we miss each other.
I wonder how bad it could be after 3 frigging weeks without him after this mid-term break. Urghhh.



Did my disappearing act again due to the fact that I've been pretty busy like I am the so-called prexy uh-la-la, oh MUST not forgotten; as I'm one lazy-arse-fat-bum for updating my dear bloggie, I should've got a little spank from the boyfriend also. Gomenasai! Well, I'll have my day, just wait and see. Ha Ha Ha!

The Insurance test has eventually done! Hoorah! I so can't wait for coming home tomorrow. Supposed balik today juga, but I've bought the wrong ticket already. Fuck me. Sighhh, it's okay lahh. Again, I will have my day! Gembira~


Kenapa datang rumah Kitty???

I was sooo lucky last night. (Good fortunate events-that is rarely happen to my life okay!) Someone who has a kind-hearted had brilliantly helped me out after I've arrived UiTM at 9.30 p.m by bus! She's in the same bus with me anyway. Albeit I don't fucking know her punnn, she's still wanna helping me. Her face is sorta familiar, she's part 6, so we have a light conversation in the car, she as friendly as her kind-hearted act, wahhh!

Never thought that she had the intention to fetch me from the gate to the college (Though it's just not so far to jalan kaki by myself but I still wanna brag it out here but hey! banyak barang kot nak angkut, tak sanggup nak jalan kaki!) As I'm so lucky that night, I so happy till now. If only I can lessen my fuckload of stuff, things gonna be easy kan. But who the hell wanted an ole-ole anyway? Heh.

Thank God lah she was willingly for assisting me. Thank you girl, though I don't even know you. Thank you for noticing me as Sector A-ian and what batch I am now too. Tee-hee.

The things that irked me today; I miss him. EXTREMELY. I can't simply keeping up with the lectures or anything around me. I'm just hypnotized. What a dickhead. (-.-)"

Monday is supposed to be sombre and dull as usual. But it happened unpredictably way cool~ So, say no to Monday Blues! The group presentations was indeed fishy and s*xing! Smack's groupie have done their drama's performance oh-so-brilliant (I like the berita scene) but unfortunately they haven't got the highest mark that is. We're just got the same marks anyway. 36/50. Still got yeah, no regrets, since we managed to do presenting very well I guess(?) Ha ha ha. I love the dramas, we have to do it alot :)

Again and again, we ate soto as the brunch today. One day I know I will get muak juga. So please find another place to eat, just no soto can! Rather eat at Ibu then. Ha!

RANDOM: I remember the day Mr Sayang and I had dinner at Taipan, I was like a fucking moron who did non-stop squeezing and thrusting him with the stupid arsehole questions. But what's question I liked the most is; "Kenapa datang rumah Kitty?" I did ask him at all times, non-stop, with pity face, definitely. Yeahhh, bullying time. I missed that moment there, affectionately :(

But who the hell didn't want to admitted it when I've asked about it at first(?)-as he had outdid himself to came to my crib (just because he fucking missed me, but he refused to not saying it) even he knew that I was still at Zoo! But he gave me another alasan, of-course! The reason is only because he just at the nearby my crib there is. Then he fed me with another topic, what a lame. I know you miss me, just say it lah. Why must malu-malu? You have a gigantic ego don't ya? Just admit it lahhh! Heh.

Ergo, the snapshot below shows that I'm too stressed with that mere question.


Kudos to Smack's groupie for the "???"


Classes are as fuck as they can be.
I so wanna his magic now.

I shall counting days from now on.