How to say goodbye(?)

I know I'm not good with words lately. Plus, I'm one lazy arse. Ergo, I let these snapshots below do the talking;

This place look like an Eywa place in Avatar!


Ha ha.

Silly me.

Gila kan?
Bf sapo la nihhh. Hihi.
What a hideous smile! Sheesh!

Awhhh this is fucking cute!

I was stunned with that tree! Red hot!

I don't know who's that guy anyway . . .

I love green.

Again, I don't have any idea who's that guy!

And I don't know why the hell I put this snapshot in!

I like.


Had fun with the stunning lights there. I felt like I was in Avatar movie. Really. Initially, we had came there but at that time they've already closed at 12 a.m, what a prick. Well, that was unplanned plan from him anyway, I was so happy when he outdid himself for the sweetest treats. Since that place was already closed, we went there on the other day. No regrets.

I felt much happier for seeing him happy. To see his big fat laughter with his friends. I was so happy too, had jolly time and enjoyed their jokes around with shisha. Since, Mr Sayang and I had lowered our smoking habit. Don't be disbelieving now, everyone around me knows it all. One fine day, I shall stopping it.

Please know that Mr Sayang had outdid (Again!) himself. He told some lies to his friends just because he wanna meet me that night. I just don't understand why is it so. But we still managed for having a salvation at Carlos. Gelak macam orang gila! -.-"

But before we reached there, I've asked him for helping me finish my darn assignment at Taipan. Since, we seldomly take any picture together, there's a redemption for that matter;


He as so sweet copying my pose at one of the snapshot above. Damn him. Whateverrr. We vigorously made our day to the fullest, as much as we can since my day here last in another 3 fucking days. If only I can stay longer here, I won't go. But now, I won't stop sighing, I supposed. We don't have to plan anything for celebrating our anniversary as I know I'm not here on this precious 22nd! I should fuck it. Screw it up! :'(

Wonder what will happen on our last Saturday(?)

To say the least, it's never ever been better than this!