It's 22nd of February baby!

I don't know how to start (REALLY!), the words was like refused to vented itself here lately, though I have a bunch of stories to tell, am still helpless. I'm out of words and I simply don't know why. In a decent words; I'm fucking speechless now. Dumbass! Sighhh. To make the matter worse, I'm already at Segamat. Bloody hell! Ika Nadia had bought a fucking ticket at 9 freaking a.m.(Do not worry I won't blame on her at all as it thank you very muchhhh!) That shall be the first time I've got back earlier. New record! Not so hurrah moment to brag anyway. Well, I have to get back earlier nevertheless as I've got bloody presentation tomorrow goddamnit! Thank God all the fuckload of workload has been done.

I moannnn and groannnn. I really wish I could stay for another day just wanna celebrating our 1-sweet-year anniversary. I found myself jading when I know I can't even stay longer. I'll be jinxed if I meet the failure in the next mission then. GRRR.

I know, I've been abysmally messing up his head, for the fucking wrath and everything, I thought I don't deserved any good fortunate happened around me. I'm just a fucking lame bitch you guys just give a pat on the head already!

I should've practice the whole shebang that I have been putting it on my mind recently. To love from inside. Back to the 'mission' to 'save the earth' that I've already failed from the start, I hope this could be a wise way to repay his brokenheartedness. Hope so~

Thinking of our previous dazzled celebration; I somehow remain serene in the midst of upheaval. Gratefully, we have reached one year mark. Regardless, we've strained our love with practising the whole shebang. I thank God he have faith in our relationship too. I never thought he could loyally stay by my side, in a good times and bad times. I just know that I'm the happiest amongst the happier person in the world! We won't never ever split up in the future, I supposed. For sure.


For reminiscing I shall put the snapshots below;

The snapshot above is actually taken as the first time (Really!) we've took picture together. And I've applied it as my wallpaper on my mobile phone afterward, even though we're just afriends at that period. Did I say that I was in my meroyan mode? Whateverrr. I know, I was soo crazy in love!

This shall be our latest snapshot together before I have headed to Segamat. Never get bored to take a picture with him :)

Sayang, I love your 'magic'. I love your love. I love everything about you. Thanks for being such a good friend, for being able to be such a great lover the best ever I had. For layaning my psyched out over nothing, for teaching me to be a great lover too, for giving me another chance to be your girfriend even though everyone knows that I'm suck all the way. To be true, I've never fall in love like I do today. Living with you has eventually brigthen up my life. I oughta appreciate every single thing that you gave to me; especially your love. That's great to know that you do love me too, and I don't know how to repay back your kindness, I was too selfish before. I am sorry for everything. But for today and hereafter, I choose to stay with the chosen one; it's you. No matter how hard it could be, I've promised you that I won't ever leave. So, I won't.

We've been gladly making a new 'contract' people. I wished I won't wait for that particular matter to hit us. Hope that it could help us to just stay. Period.

To make it less but not least;


To be exact, we're officially 365 days baby! Scare them away!

Wait, they don't love you like I LOVE YOU.