Kenapa datang rumah Kitty???

I was sooo lucky last night. (Good fortunate events-that is rarely happen to my life okay!) Someone who has a kind-hearted had brilliantly helped me out after I've arrived UiTM at 9.30 p.m by bus! She's in the same bus with me anyway. Albeit I don't fucking know her punnn, she's still wanna helping me. Her face is sorta familiar, she's part 6, so we have a light conversation in the car, she as friendly as her kind-hearted act, wahhh!

Never thought that she had the intention to fetch me from the gate to the college (Though it's just not so far to jalan kaki by myself but I still wanna brag it out here but hey! banyak barang kot nak angkut, tak sanggup nak jalan kaki!) As I'm so lucky that night, I so happy till now. If only I can lessen my fuckload of stuff, things gonna be easy kan. But who the hell wanted an ole-ole anyway? Heh.

Thank God lah she was willingly for assisting me. Thank you girl, though I don't even know you. Thank you for noticing me as Sector A-ian and what batch I am now too. Tee-hee.

The things that irked me today; I miss him. EXTREMELY. I can't simply keeping up with the lectures or anything around me. I'm just hypnotized. What a dickhead. (-.-)"

Monday is supposed to be sombre and dull as usual. But it happened unpredictably way cool~ So, say no to Monday Blues! The group presentations was indeed fishy and s*xing! Smack's groupie have done their drama's performance oh-so-brilliant (I like the berita scene) but unfortunately they haven't got the highest mark that is. We're just got the same marks anyway. 36/50. Still got yeah, no regrets, since we managed to do presenting very well I guess(?) Ha ha ha. I love the dramas, we have to do it alot :)

Again and again, we ate soto as the brunch today. One day I know I will get muak juga. So please find another place to eat, just no soto can! Rather eat at Ibu then. Ha!

RANDOM: I remember the day Mr Sayang and I had dinner at Taipan, I was like a fucking moron who did non-stop squeezing and thrusting him with the stupid arsehole questions. But what's question I liked the most is; "Kenapa datang rumah Kitty?" I did ask him at all times, non-stop, with pity face, definitely. Yeahhh, bullying time. I missed that moment there, affectionately :(

But who the hell didn't want to admitted it when I've asked about it at first(?)-as he had outdid himself to came to my crib (just because he fucking missed me, but he refused to not saying it) even he knew that I was still at Zoo! But he gave me another alasan, of-course! The reason is only because he just at the nearby my crib there is. Then he fed me with another topic, what a lame. I know you miss me, just say it lah. Why must malu-malu? You have a gigantic ego don't ya? Just admit it lahhh! Heh.

Ergo, the snapshot below shows that I'm too stressed with that mere question.


Kudos to Smack's groupie for the "???"


Classes are as fuck as they can be.
I so wanna his magic now.

I shall counting days from now on.