A Sentimental Heart.

Woke up (ordinarily?) late at 6 p.m. Holy cow. Sangat-sangat pemalas. Sheesh. Have to stop the sloth's act anyway. I know I should've stopped this zany demeanour of mine since I've got unwaveringly great conformation living at the precious zoo-I thought I've finally enjoyed the bedtime's schedule there but unfortunately the bad habit still loyally fits in me. Well, at least I can peacefully sleep at 12 a.m sharp at there and wake up at 7 freaking a.m as I've got classes at 8 a.m. in every day.

*Cue sad face*

What's eating me the most; the premenstrual syndrome was fooling me so many times. (There it goes my roller coaster ride) I've got ultra-techy and had pull some fractious act lately, (Remark to the previous post of mine) I simply know it all now after all. Bloody hell. The favourite victim; Mr Sayang. (Who else?) So the worthwhile sorry ass should I bring? Of course! He as super-duper ajaib penyabar was comfortingly treated me oh very well. So, when the menstruation has come on the Saturday, I was acting ten times of crankiness and shit eccentric. This is what happened to me after I finished eating;

Sleep?! Fuckyeah.

Rather annoyingly;
"Do not mess with me lahhh. Saya gangster tau!"
I wished I'm not a girl not even a woman.

Ha Ha Ha.

Eventhough we haven't celebrated the Valentine's Day like other morons, we still managed having another mind-fucking-blowing moment. The best damn thing. Really. We don't have to go somewhere peculiar place of romanticistic or whatever the fuck else rather than at the bench in front of my crib. It's mere happiness and delight has filled in our nerves, I know. Bliss~
Thank God there is no super-whacky gigantic nyamoks here :)

The mere topic at that moment was that; our childhood memories. Please know that when we were still a kids, we lived at the same section, nearby my house! No joke. But only he was 11 years he had to moved on to Alam Megah with his family. We're at the same school but we've never seen each other, maybe we had but we never know. What a small world isn't it? When the first time I met him, that was completely not a so-called deja vu, it's what we called as 'kimia'. Heh.

He asked me some stupid question;

"If I'd still living here (Section 24), do you think our love could bind like we have now?"

Tsk Tsk.

And I remember about my crazyass experience when I was in Tadika. There was a chinese kid in my class was speaking in Mandarin when he confronted me which I don't even know what the fuck does it mean at all. BUT what I did; I was acting like I can interpret every single word and I replied his babbling like I really understood! BUT what the funniest thing is he acted like he understood too! And replied it with non-stop talking a crap. So there we go, I don't really remember what had happened next but what I remember is we are NOT friends then. What a prick. Is that means I can talk Mandarin since I was merely at 6?! Yeah righttt.

Awhhh, I remember the time I was bullying the boy next door of mine. I was hitting him with the gigantic wood. So no wonder; I still am such a badass brat. Hihi. Saya gangster tau!

Switch to the Mr Sayang's story-morry pula, he has excitedly showed me the place where he plays soccer, rounders, main guli, main mak-mak, masak-masak, kahwin-kahwin and blablabla.(Another three games tu tipu ja!) I've been there at one of the ground that he mentioned but most likely I detested that place because there was a fucking moron who's once my favourite enemy. Whateverrr.

After countless times of verbalising here and there, without any warnings, we've chitchatted unconsciously till our time is up due to the azan subuh has come. Tulah borak sampai lupa diri.



I've never firmly believe on the state of trust or even truce. But now everything is changes I know. I hope you are too. FINGER CROSSED.

Wonder what will it be in another 7 beautiful days here. MUST not forgotten our 1-sweet-year anniversary. I can't fucking wait tau!


Currently enjoy listening to Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist-soundtrack. But the most fucking beautiful song; Xavia by The Submarine and Last Words by The Real Tuesday Weld. Never heard about 'em before but still, I can't stop playing it on the loop now nevertheless. Gila.

If the UiTM wants to give a holidays to the students, the lecturer supposed to not giving a shitload of workload, I must say! What a mess. Sheeshhhh!

Shall stopping it now. Otherwise . . .