Spread the wings, hugging you tight.

Its been so long since i'd wrote with this bloggie.. Not trying to put an excuse, but im merely got no time to post it.. I've been working as late hour as could get.. been home at 8.30 pm everyday not making my night energetic to squeeze this little brain to shuffle a word.. *sigh, plus miss kitty have asked for this numerous of time, well kitty here's the thing..

So, finally have my cuti.. YAY!!! how im so waiting for the weekends.. Atleast i could wake up late again ( im so damn pro at this) , and how much i needed the rest at home.. My body not really gearing up with me lately.. So i shall enlighten my body with a lil' jog and some work out.. Plus, this week something weakens me, im in a very bitter position.. I must admit something is playing with my head, and what i shall endure is on my own to deal with.. I know it will be hard.. esp got two side knocking my head really hard this time.. Im not angel, im just a normal weak human being.. What im tryna say is im a men n do treat me as one.. I lowered my ego for u and why cant u..

What can i say about my weeks.. hmm, been a boring weeks for me as i could not see the face that have no eyebrow women.. I miss her so much.. I wish i could hold her hands right now n see her smile.. When she smiles, everything is great witme.. Even if the world falls, all i need is her delicate smile to make it better again.. Plus ur hands, ur soft hands that touched me with so much loving.. I miss every part of u.. But as a men, i must stand still waiting for that moment to come.. 2 more weeks i gez, n ur back with me to hold to.. I JUST CANT WAIT..

The thing that make me miss u most, My love belongs to you.. Nice strategy to keep me missing u so much.. Gez what, It did work.. I sit on my desk, and i saw that cute little face on my desk with the word "My love belongs to u" make my day.. God, thank you for giving me a soulmate that is so sweet..

I know u think that its not the perfect time to post this, esp when we are in this situation.. Let me tell u again, I LOVE YOU EVEN IN GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD TIMES.. Its hard not to love u even for a day coz im really glued to u.. i hope u do feel that way as i am..

Now the thing that makes me smile and the main reason why i wrote all of diz, A 1 record breaking year for me!! We reached the 1 year anni.. I'd never get this long, and for that i must thank you Kitty ibrahim.. your patience and your loving attitude makes this work.. Your 'magic' is something that i adore..

If i said that u r 1 in a million, there would be 6000 person equals with u, if i said u r 1 in a billion, there would be 6 person as the same as u.. For me, u r 1 in a zillion, no one is as great as u.. One night, I sorta trying to put how much i love u.. and my brain started to create bout this when im taking a shower and hell yeah i do feel that way with u.. Its a lil' magic that my brain sorta think off in shower, and im automatically in lovey dovey mode again.. Hooray to my brain..

For a year anni, i must say congratz to us.. This few days i walk with nose high, arrogant walk, and juz wanna shout " im a year with kitty, jealous much?" haha.. I know im overreacting, but this excites me.. Im so damn happy to be having a relationship where i could focus on living in for the next 50 years or even more.. Teehee~.. Finger crossed*

I ran a lil bit of questions for our anny:

Did we deserve it?
YES we are..

Did by any chance we gonna get the next year?
For this question, both must answer it; mine is "OFCOZ!!, i cant wait for next year"

Did u love her?
what type of stupid question is this, ofcoz i do!!

What do u feel overall bout the 1 year relationship with kitty?
We have our mighty sweet days and we have our gloomy days, but overall, its the best moment of my life..

What do u like most about Azni Ibrahim?
Can my kitties count? winking*.. There's a thing about her, when she touch u it feels like ur touching an angel, when she smile. u could melt.. Everything bout her.. I love it when she love me too.. I love her to be my Mrs Shahir..

See i told u kitty, dont ask for me to write bloggie when im in lovey dovey mode.. It will show the Romeo romantic side of me.. Muahaha.. Till now, I wait for her to show what she can do.. Waiting impatiently here.. hehe



Lets recap our 1 year, i let the pix do the talking..

See see, no eyebrow.. told u..

Fun huh?


Its the 'bond' that keeps us together ryte? I know..

I seriously miss to jog with u..

Its still a long journey, but i know we'll make it..