Ummm~ Whatcha Say?

I know, I'm kinda sloth in updates(unintentionally), based on the previous post; that was actually unfinished post due to the fact that I'm not in the good mood lately (I've found myself jaded, amoral, like a wretched prisoner huddled in the stinking zoo), and I simply don't know why is it happening. I'm just a little lost. Regardless, the title of that post had vented itself there. What a prick I was. Spank me hard then.

The salvation; after all much chaos happened to me yesterday was worthy in the night. With him. The person I've been fucking rinduuu the most! Yet another person; Aznie (The Bestie). Been mingling with a good bantering and spilling session was mind-fucking-blowing. Love them so~

So, that is an evidence that I ain't not so sloth in updates. Veniable much? Heh. And who the hell keenly kidnapping me without any excuses from me anyway? Oh well I should thank you for that Sayang, I'm just being such an arrogant bitch. I've been missing you crazy lahhh!

Thus, the all-nighter was worthy all the way. Really! Had victorious(!) fun with the people I loved the most. No serious wrath had swear off nor severe topic had pissed us off. NADA! I had gave him the precious present that I've bought at Malacca when I had trip to Kuala Pilah for an ENT's assignment. Well, at least I still remember to buy something cute for him. Though that thing is not cost lots, I trully meant it from the bottom of my heart. Cheh cheh cheh. But who the hell was acting like a kiddy who's desperately wanting a gift anyway? Hah!

Thank God he as so sweet nipped the present off from me :)


Talking about a miscellaneous jeopardies that had happened to me on the other day, I'll be doomed if I were missed the bus. To make the matter worse, I have to walk from the clinic nearby the train to the bus station as the train have to passed at the moment my bus is due in another seconds goddarnit! And I almost collided THAT fucking train! I was like; WHOA! Do not bump me off, I still haven't tie the knot yet! I have found myself a new verdict of this story; it was like the Final Destination scene BUT it would be exactly the same as that outrageous scene if I really die. Whoops! T.T

Thank God I'm still alive.


Over the ranting and babbling of us did show how much we miss each other.
I wonder how bad it could be after 3 frigging weeks without him after this mid-term break. Urghhh.