Bulletproof anyone??

When life jostle shit at you, it will never seems to end. To be quite honest, these past few weeks were shitty-hence there was a deficiency in updating. Many things had happened to me recently. And all is just fucking rotten :'(

It astound me to see how superficial jerk people can be. They will simply ridicule at your face when they see you fall down. Not even to give you a slenderer of support(YOU WISH!). So, I must say; "You ain't gonna lemme down, NEVER!"

From the start, I HATE PLASTIC PEOPLE! Holy shit.

We are not gonna let you in, especially when we need you the least. Really, the last thing that we've met were an impostors with a plastering a plastic smiles enjoying lepak with us(!) Why so kiasu? I really do not understand why is it happening. I've had enough all of this rubbish, hence the lack concern is much needed. Ignorance is bliss, I think. For now.

To be frank, that was not really attached me to feel jaded anyway, no worries. REALLY. What vexed me was that;


I trully am fucking rindu him now. It has been like a gazillion years I haven't meet him. Ha, gila shallow!~

I've found myself sorta messy then when I can't even stop thinking of him in every second. He has always said that I was always neglecting him. Hell nooo! I was too busy with my assignment, test and everything even the bestie said that I'm one fucking sombong! The hell?! I can't even blogging, can't even clean-up my inbox on my phone. No jokes. So please think of this as my final desperate attempt to make things right.


Speaking of the dazed matter between the boyfriend and I, we've got much of dispute and a little bit squabbles here and there but never anything truly disappoint me. Surely there's nothing that would actually jeopardise our sacred bond. Thus in my head I imagined him dealing things when the trouble rise up. I was too selfish to let him feel what I feel, to just kept him suffering himself with superfluity troubles of mine. I should've be much strong to handle my own problems. But he insisted to hear everything from me, but I refused. Because it's simple; I'm one superficial jerk girlfriend that he might ever had. Boo me.

Too many things that we've missed out, we know. It's almost one fucking month we haven't meet and this is absolutely ridiculous. To make it worse was that; I still have another ONE semester here baby! Fuck. Only God know how detested I am being far away from you, you know that very well don't you?? I think I ain't as a bulletproof as I thought I was. Damnnn. This is just too hard for me to take :'(
I have a fuckload of stories to tell, but it unleash itself here as I'm not in good mood to spill out, I'm just amazed with a mothafucking jaded mode. I desperately craving for his 'magic' now. To be lasted for another 4 days. To come home. And get free. From here. And to have him-of course!
GET STRONG, AZNI! No matter what!

Sayang, if you miss me too, this is for you;

Having a Rocky as a breakfast.

Strawberry & Choc'


I missed for having a ride with you here. Remember when the time we've a little fight, and I followed you in your wanderings and straightened everything out. FYI, at every time I went for outing, when I've passed by the kedai sweater and of course kedai ceruk, it certainly reminds me of you. I really wanna go but my heart telling me that I can't. I will go there only when I'm with you. So please, come here. Segamat really miss you too lahhh. I'm dead serious. I can't stop thinking of you and our sweet memories here. And of course I was the one that only suffered by that! Ha! Please know that; You're the best thing I never knew I needed. Cheh.

386 amazing days with you.
Another milestone baby but who bloody cares anyway?! I fucking love you regardless :)

To Mr Sayang: Why the hell lah you've posted THAT lyric? I hate it. GRRR. At least tell me what it's all about lah!

(Still not feeling any better!)