I should sleep now, but why am i blogging??

I know i should be sleeping ryte now.. I gotta woke up early diz morn, plus i know she's gonna be so mad knowing dat i make diz bloggie in the midle of the night.. Serve me right.. Cant explain much of how im feeling now, but this may help.........

We fighting this war
Baby when both of us are losing.
(this ain't the way that love is supposed to go.)
(Wat happened to workin it out)
We've fall into this place
Where you ain't backin down
And I ain't backin down
So wat the hell do we do now...

after watchin this vids now, terus termenung....

dan termenung..


This vids kinda slapped me in the face, wake up shahir!! This vids kinda try telling us that what happen if one of us died while we are arguing and not have a chance to make things right that time? Plus its rily not a good idea to brought forward the fight to the next day..I know I wont forgive myself if u got killed while we're fightin ok..From now, i hope we make a new resolution that whatever happens, we must fix things right ok.. NO MATTER WHAT..

(I wonder if one day im the one who ended up got ran over a car and died, wonder what kitty would be? Glup, plzz god, NO.. I still got more years to go to.. Plus who's gonna take care of kitty, she cant live on her own.. I wanna live where im beruban and see my grandchildren grow.. Amin)

I remember, diz songs.. the first song that she dedicate to me.. why lah put our first song a fight song.. Weird sumhow sweet? hehe.. Plus, she make a ringtone of it special for me.. The ringtone that make her meroyan, I should be crown a medal for this.. haha.. nyway, im touched by her fighting spirit of never giving up on me before.. No way hozai we're gonna fight b4 we sleep, the words breakup is like a taboo for us before.. We respected each other damn much till noone could confront us.. we all cantas them like zasst!!

"Love is about respect, if u cant respect each other then dont love at all.."

Respect is what most the key to love.. Even when we're in difficult situation, when we respect each other, eventually the situation will be good back.. We have to honor our partner, and he'll repay u back with much respect and love.. Its a give and take which could never be seen, but it can be felt..

Im so proud of the way we handled with each other.. We thrive to make us happy.. No matter how much tears fall, how much pain we endure, all that we think at that time is me to make u the happiest girl on earth and u non-stop make me the happiest men alive(which u are till this very moment)..

I know, i should stop now, juz another paragraph.... plzzzzz..

Sudden addicted with the bloggie.. I dont know why, but You, Yes YOU make this.. hehe.. You make my feelings higher than the sky.. Im not afraid to share my feelings to the world, it just seem very worth it now coz i really be having a great time right now.. and to all those singles, dont be jealous.. Your time will come one day.. haha..

And to Kitty, do dream of me now ok.. otherwise i kill u.. haha.. I miss u too much till im going out of my mind now.. Dahlah pindah dekat dengan rumah kitty, make me missing u even more.. Im going to meet my future parent!! weepee!!

With deepest love a men could ever give to a women,
Shahir Sahar