I Miss You...

I Y YOU Kitty

I Miss You Like Crazy~


I wish I could turn back time and get back a joyous weekend and be with you like usual. The previous therapy session was indeed tiring but we really have so much quality time right. Not gonna get any better than this I presume. We did tons and we feel tons. Its like the weekend was intended to be created only for us. We barely have time with someone else, Just me and you and the black car.

The weekend doesn't start so well, the ego was really in front of us. It's like a defence that both of us have prepared for the one month of a hell period. The bugis and the minang would come to this war to determine who conquer who’s heart. ;-P

At first, the moment I pick you up, I had this feelings that you have changed. Felt like a 'lil bit awkward. But with just a minute, Wait, Wait, hearing her laugh and the way she talk to me, Yup! This is the very same Kitty that I’ve known. She didn’t change at all. That’s a very good thing. Lucky that she didn’t change as we don’t meet for a month okay!

If I could drive by not looking in front, I'm sure I would’ve looked at you back too Kitty. It kinda sweet when you stared at me so long when that time I picked you up. Still wondering, why lah you stared at me like you wanna eat me. Haha. Am I getting uglier or what. But the best thing is someone shed her tears for just only a reason, coz she miss me too much. That was so heartmelting. That teardrop like a signature of yours for your truly missing me so much. It really been my honour to love you too kitty.

To start a day, Yes I as a lousy men who doesn’t have much to plans intentionally invite her to watch movie together just another reason for me to lepak with her. I know it lousy, But its just a simple excuse for her to move her ass from that house to meeting me. We ate at sushi king and the kings of Wasabi are here. I am the legend for eating it. Notttttt!!. Thank you for inviting me to ate that, I really enjoying eating there. Then We watched Alice in wonderland, I wasn’t focusing much on the movie as I secretly looking at her as much as I could. But I do realize that Johny Deep (am I pronouncing correctly?) whatever, Doesn’t really look like him at all. The graphic was awesome, Well the movie are great!

Later then, The compression of the one month period for just 4 hours are really breathtaking. She did her magic so beautifully and really was great! Owh I miss her magic again. If only I could have you everyday and every seconds. Well the nights aren’t over yet as we had another therapy sessions with Shisha-ing at carlos-ing. The spilling out sessions where I'm trying to be a very good listener as she non-stop talking for almost over 2 hours ok. Wow! I give her full marks for her presentation skills at that very moment. I know your excited to meet me, That talking is just another proof ryte. Hehe.

The next day, it's ice skating baby!! I'm not that good with just a razor blade shoes, I prefer converse, period. But for her, to just show her I really had a great time in that cold tryna not to fall situation, Use my most determination to walk on ice, And I did it. I learn that because I wanna be that one to teach you, Why lah your being too afraid to walk on ice with me. I thought I'm the one who’s gonna save her from embarrassment of falling, but the one that did that was her.

I could write a textbook of what we’ve done this past two fucking days. There’s plenty of experience to shared and yet still feel it ain’t enough. Somehow I needed her for a month after a month of falling short of eye to eyes contact.

To be loved is a thing, yet to feel the love is the most importing thing. I guess what I'm trying to say is love could really deeply changes someone. Look at her now, So amazing and to be even compared with her once before, you couldn’t even imagine how much she has changed. She’s the new her. The very one that I'm damn sure perfect for me. She transform herself to be the most perfect Mrs Shahir. What makes wonderful is she change because of me. For me okay!! Therefore, I cant be much more prouder than this than to say thank you for being the women I adore the most. The one that really care of what my needs and wants.

I'm glad you do take this relationship as serious as it are now. To be part of your everyday life is indeed the best part of the most. I cant thank you enough for being with me this past weekend. Your face is everywhere now in my head. The necklace was truly sweet , I guess it should be considered a medal for a year relationship kan. Don’t you ever leave me, my love for you is way beyond what you think I am. I cant wait for you to be back here again. I miss the excitement with you.

Last night, I just heard a very bad news. She have been forced to stay at the Hutan longer then expected. Shit! How the hell should I found my very own tranquility if she’s not here. How can I, after a month of falls to expect another month? Twas truly a test for us huh. Well to think logically, by far is our biggest challenge yet. And for this things called love that I have shared so long with you, distance won't tears us apart. So I'm holding tight my hands, Looking at the 3 stars and wishes you to be strong too.

Plus, We're 1 1 1 baybeh! I bet noone would really expect us being this long. For the doubters, BOO YOU!! Haha. This time, Been seriously missing her too much. It felt just like yesterday I just saw her face. I'm gonna wait patiently as ever to hold the nerve this time. Going to be hard, But I know the outcome would be too damn sweet to resist. I miss you,


Should I remind you back that you are the wings that
keeps me on the clouds?"

"Did you realized how I am tremendously
delighted to see you?"

"Now, can
you measure much of how deeply I am in love with you?"

I know my writing is kinda suck, But who cares. As long as I enjoy typing it, I don’t care. Hah!