Knock Knock Knock!

I should wrote this into the previous post but heck I don't have much time last night, I wanted to sleep earlier but I can't as Mr Sayang has started a mellow conversation. Cissss! So, today is gonna be my lazyarse day as I've skipped my Enterpreneurship's class without doubt. I hope the lecturer not reading this. Sheeshhh.

Fuck rotten luck and bloody horrendous tackles!

MAJOR sighhh.

In FIN 344 and HR class pula, I was totally fucked up cause I'm one firm sleepyhead. I've got a panda eyes. I can't keep up with the lectures. What I did in HR class was that; played games in Shila's phone. Thank God Mdm Sasai ain't strict like 'others'. Heh. If I still sticking into this everyday I might get a C bummer on finals. Damnnnn. Must have enough slumber then.

I should be less of a whiny bitch, with regards to tests and an emotional overdrive. What irked me today was that, I can't come home on next week since the fucking BTN was changed on 13rd of March and I've got test on the day before that. Although I have another test in two weeks more I still wanna come home nevertheless! Dear God, please lemme get free on that day. Well, this is gonna be hard for us. I am soooo sad now. Am just hoping my dreams will come true. ~PLEASE~


Talking about Mr Sayang's post, I really adore it!

Never thought he'd willingly outdid himself for that sweetness! For sure I'd like it, everything that you do is just fucking sweeeettttt! What an angelic post. You'd save my life for making me smile back, for making me fell into meroyan mode again, for making me (ALMOST!) shed a tears. Heh. Really really do appreciate it. I know you're what I want and I believed this is what I religiously want in my whole life; your sweet love. And for that, I will everlastingly love you! And faith is our anchor.

You're the killer
You're the lover
You'd be the anchor.
I know :)

First and foremost;
How come after all this time he had eventually love that 'crazyass' song goddamnit!! The meroyan mode has finally haunted him pula, setelah setahun bercinta. Apa ni?! That song once had made me crazy in love, every time we fought or even when I'd miss him I will hear it and cried all night long till I fall asleep. Please know that I have never ever feel like such extent, I really never ever feel better in love like this. Really! Plus, I never had my meroyan mode with anyone else before (do not be sceptical now as I really mean what I said).

Tolong baca my sad hopeless fictional story pula ya;

When I hear that lovely song, I don't understand much about the lyric and what the video is all about. Sigh. But apa yang kita rasa waktu itu macam nak petik bunga pastu koyakkan kelompak dia satu-satu and said repeatedly,"He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me and bla bla bla..." sampai kelompak itu habis dipetik. Kita tersenyum lebar sebab kita dapat "He loves me!!"

Muahaha!-cue evil laugh.

(Tolong sambung baca I don't care!)

Kita tergolek-golek keriangan kat katil and bestie tiba-tiba kata kita dah serupa macam orang gila, orang gila pun tak macam ni. Okay, gila potong! Then kita tak pedulikan kawan kita sebab kita riang sangat, biarlah orang kata kita gila janji kita sukaaaa! Bestie kata lagi die suruh kita terai(try) je! Mana tahu si dia pun suka kita. Tapi kita taknak terai sebab kita sumatsu~(means pemalu!) Akhirnya si dia minta couple juga! Ga Ga Ga!

Okay itu ja, thanks!


That showed how insane I was!

First and last;
Mr Sayang, Nurul Aznah Sazlin and Azni Shaharon, I can't even fucking depict just how much I fucking miss you guys. Fuck this is getting ridiculous. We really need to squeeze in a lepak session SOON.

Hope can :(

Loads of love, K.