No one can saves us, but ourselves.

Had eventually done my HR's test. And I've been karaoke-ing like fuck straight after that-the new cure! I don't give a damn with regards of my voice anyway, I actually hope my voice yang dah serupa macam katak ni will successfully makes it rain. Fuckyeah, if my voice can do a magic, I will become popular at Segamat then. Heh.


Well, I can't stand the heat anymore, my skin getting hideous now. With pimple-schmimple had appeared here and there. The bad temperature made us mad. Haiz~

Classes are slowly taking over my life again. I wonder when the hell lah all of these shite will be ended. Fuck the buruh kasar nepal act. Merepek lagi. Well, it's true that was not even a words. I'll lose my weight thennnn. Humph.

Tomorrow-really wanted to play sandy 'bitch' at PD. Hope things will be just fine, not sombre. Hope I won't get bored with stupid arse activities or whatever that may piss me off. (Hope we'll have the blast one) Wish the boyfriend comes along. In my dreams lahhh. Fuckit.

I hope I deserved the weekends after all much chaos happened. Really need a vacations now. (even though this is may not so vacay to be exact-work purpose, we're just hit there for merely 2 days & 1 night)

And to make it sucks; I have 2 tests on next week and have the bloody BTN.

To make it more suck, I'm just fucking miss him already!


What's a girl to do?


MAJOR love! Natasha Khan, that ace bitch.

To Mr Sayang, this song is exactly doesn't mean anything for us okay? I'm just lovin' it. Have to find another sweet song for you, for squeezing your meroyan mode and also my lovey-dovey mode. Hihi. Miss my 'magic' still? How about yours?

Flawless :)

GRRR. Can't blog much. I have to wake up at 5 freaking a.m. Thank you!

Loads of miss, K.