A thing. . .

A thing. . . that makes me deucedly happy was that;

This has been an amazing weekend. Hoorah!

Had splendid weekend ever with the one I loved. Finally. We had extremist joyous moment by squeezing every minute together. We just don't care of the fallout that we might get. We just wanna grab our precious lives back on track! And for that, I must say that I never felt regret for just spending every penny and my priceless time with Mr Sayang.

To my IMMENSE gratefulness; I've eventually got my life back and of course(!) we wouldn't waste every second of it. Hoping that I won't hate it for another day without him. But I know I couldn't keep it up sooner or later, I know. Nothing can help me but him, and his magic.

Yeah, his lovable magic.

Talking about that precious day; I was fucking amazed when after I hadn't see him for 1 fucking month! I'm the most happier person in this world, I supposed. Crazy as it may sounds and fortunately I don't fucking care for just hugging him straight after our eyes met. I was melting down again when the lovey-dovey mode had launched. Yeay :D

I so want a fond embrace now can I?


First day (On Saturday afternoon)

I can't imagine how disaster it could be happens to us after 1 month isolation. Feels like wanna give him a HUGE spank for making me lunatic enough. Tee-hee. But what I did; while he was driving away to Sunway for watching movie, I was stared his eyes without his knowing so as he won't notice it. Fail. What a shy cat I was. Hihi.

I love Alice in Wonderland. The things had drew my attention was the Tweedle-dee & Tweedle-dum in this movie. Fucking cute. Same goes to Chessur, nyiaww~

Not forgotten Mad Hatter-Johnny Depp :)

And then we had shisha session at Carlos as usual. I talked a lot of what happened to me in fucking March, I detest March from now on. It's an emotional roller coaster ride for me and us. I just need him as much as I wanna heal the pain that night, I guess 2 hours of non-stop nagging were pretty much satisfied. Heh. Like Mak Nenek, I must say! Sheesh.

I know, people/s who's actually has brain will see who's an innocent in the final scene. But I ain't gonna let people who are near and dear to me right now might think I'm such a complete weirdo, no way. I wanna be the bulletproof, still. Don't give a fuck for THAT tiny matter. Ha ha.

Second Day (The Finale)

Back to the major topic of the day, we really had a great time. No regrets. But the thing that successfully annoyed me is when I found myself can't even properly skate onto the ice people! To be frank, I was non-stop screaming like a fucking idiot, in a decent words-like a wimp chicken! I was afraid if I will collapse onto that fucking gross ice (I can't even imagine that!) and I hate the feeling of being a loser. Fuck it. I so detested that feeling. Ridicule at me if you don't mind of losing your fucking tooth! Ha!

Well, most of all, I love Mr Sayang's swing! He did it awesomely way cool even when it was his first time in skating. Clap clap! And thank you so much for making me a bit frantic by making a sudden unstable walked in front of me and then grabbed my hands for him not collapsing. But guess I was the one that will be your victim at that very moment. (People might stupidly celebrating for THAT). GRRR. To make the matter worse; my leg was bruised slightly. It happened maybe because of the bond of the shoe I wore that was too tight and had compressed, made my move were bad enough. Heh, defensive pula.

We haven't skated much since I've promised to keep accompany him to find his new car. We really hadn't any idea where to find 'em. I've been wondering what shenanigans we'll get into this time. But I love us still :p

At last, we just bought a Motor Traders. Ha ha. Tak perlu susah-susah pusing cari car showroom. -.-"

A thing. . . that irked me was that;

I'm in trouble. (Oh oh)

If I need to describe the state of my account now in 1 word, it will be fucking pathetic! Serve me right, spend like I'm one rich brat. If I keep this up I might be having a Maggie for dinner all night for the rest of my semester. Have to STOP the temptation to fling but sometimes when you start to splurge in attempt to spend the precious time with your loved one, it seems sooo worth it. So, do you still wanna blame me for spending on them? I think not! So as Mr Sayang did THAT to me. When I wanna binge sushi at Raja Sushi, he will say yes and yes and yes. And to whatever concerning my demanding, he will automatically say, "Yes you can, Kitty".

I was very attached whenever he said such thing.

Well at once, I was bloody worried concerning to my freaking orgy of spending. I was ten times suck above anybody else! That was a BIG mistake when I found myself of being broke! SCRATCH THAT!

I don't actually have much time for blogging since I merely have a test in four freaking days! To make it insane the test including from Chapter 6 to 10, darn it. Plus, I have a tons of assignment. And oh I came to class without bring my own stupid brain this lately. I was numb and helpless, I'm screwed. Dumb ass. Ergo, no yeay :( The 'high revving' brain needs its time off now. Since we've only start our day, it must be slow down nevertheless.


This is what happened to us in three amazing days;

This is what gonna happen to you when you think that you can't even skate!

A hideous face.
I know I'm not good in pouting!

Shitfaced indeed.

Get ready for skating.
Me-pretending I'm all good!

The most beautiful snapshot.
Peace upon SA yo!

Please roll your eyes and think why this house's owner use a besi buruk as their fence eyh?!
Stupid people is everywhere especially in USJ.

3 days of dating but only one snapshot together. APA NI?!
Itu pun nasib baik ingat! Haih.
That was taken on Monday, the day I left SA.

My future shelter.



Fucking love it!


22nd has come again. (Even dah basi but still wanna drag about it!)

For a brighter note;
I didn't miss out our anniversary's celebration this time! Hoorah! And for that, I wanna congratulate to us for having a chance to celebrate our sacred day together.

So here we are,

Officially hit 1 year & 1 month & 1 day!