Tho' I so detested of darkness but please turn the lights off now, dumbass!

At Segamat back. What a cosmic catastrophe I've got when think about how much time were gone down the toilet for about 6 fucking hours! APA NI?! Lembap gila, macam siput babi! GRRR. I've got backache already damnit!

Eerily, I understand it now how much was I detested of saying a goodbye. In my case, the previous heartbreak scene is an evidence; Mr Sayang and I had a little squabble over petty things but I don't really understand why I was truly upset at the moment, definite agitated. Since I did leave him without saying a goodbye, I blamed myself for being complete bitch. The only thing I did is just looked down and reading a novel (but I can't kept it up though). My heart non-stop nagged at me to look at him. With a huge will power of mine, I looked up at him, with a hatred faced.

Fuck me.

I've been suffocating myself, I know.

I hate this emotional roller coaster ride. I SHOULD pun my bitchy whining to a minimal after this. To make it worse; I've had enough of having a fucking acnes today! Fuck it. My skin is getting horrid now. Need a new resolution to have a healthier skins. Sedih :(


Speaking of the brilliant weekend we had, I still got his lovey-dovey magic nevertheless. We'd still got a loaded joyous moment. Needless to say, I've finally got my 'refresh button' for that, happy for the time being. Yeay :)

I love making a heart attack surprise for you anyway!

Only for you.


And I've eventually meet the bestie (Aznie) after a disappearing act of us! Since we both are deadly broke lately, we're just having a lepak session at Carlos, fuckyeah. But I still managed to made it out fun with bingeing Apple Besar there. Who fucking cares. Playing Chocaitie, (Did I spell it right? Whatever. . .) gossiping away while waiting Zayid (Mr Sayang's friend) to come. Aznie, now you'd feel what I felt when hanging out with you and your boyf without mine. Tee-hee~


On a vivider note;

Finals in 3 weeks?!


Can't fucking wait for this semester ends.

Cepat lahhh.

Loads of Ymadness; K.