The timeline you did is sweet! But this one is better!!

Where to start, hmmmm, okay FYI my mum is going to umrah this Friday. I wish her all the best in doing her pilgrimage and I really am hoping that a lot of things she could learn of anything and be blessed there. And also wish her safety, I really want her to have the greatest time there.


.............CHAPTER TWO............

Today such a weird day, I don't really know why but I feel something wrong today. It's like something tryna tell me that something is not right. But what is it?? It has been playing in my head. I do hope nothing really went wrong.

Speaking bout yesterday, I still owe you another post huh?! Hahaha. I mighty glad you do like my previous post, I didn't put much thoughts there okay! Just type type type and publish without hesitate because I didn't have much time. And by the way, thank you for even had a time to reply it anyway. Means a lot.

It will be just another two days to go huh, and that leave us with two days. Okay!, that's fucking awesome! How can we gather a month of being apart to just having 48 hours of time, damn it! Still, what can we do righttt. It's a fate that we must carry on, though it will be really hard (no wait, it is hard!). But there is a bond that attached us which had no time could surpass. So I've got no worries at all. As long as we keep our promises, we'll be far more than okay.

I know I was right to choose you all of this time, your undying love is what really keep me going this year, we both have managed to succeed everything since we together. I guess what im trying to say is that you inspired me and hopefully you feel the same way about me too. I really appreciate at everything that you have done to me, It was all too sweet. We have our own extraordinary journey, Its not a metaphore, We really do! So many things happens which some of it was too good to be true, Im sure you know what I mean ryte kitty. It was the best, and im sharing it with you.

I still remember what we had last semester, we had a really jolly time. No kidding, We does! Being there for you when you need me was really the moment I missed the most. Last semester if you had even just a littlest problem, I come to baiduri and kidnap you lah. Remember the time when you're sick and pretended like you okay? Hah! I drove like Micheal Schumi kowt, Yet failed to reach the clinics to get medicine. :-( , The funniest thing is, the co-driver yg demam tu automatically healthy back coz too damn scared and non-stop sayin "SLOW SIKIT BOLEH!!!!" due to my proffesional driving skills that I learned only watchin ESPN! Yehahaha!


Sadly this semester there arent me in your books there, You have to be strong by yourself there and not to have my *to the rescue* act anymore. Really if I could, If I could be Edward I'd already run as fast as I can to be there for you. So I blame the Cullens for not biting me till now. Damn you Cullens!!, Anyway I hope what I wrote and what I feel do inspire you to be strong; For I aint going nowhere to just wait here for you. Do be strong for me as I already am being one for you.

Owh I almost forgot, today is quite amazing. The keyword would be 'SUPRISED' and 'SWEET'. Why? Muahahaha! Kitty called me while im working to just wanna talk. Tho' it only for a minute, but that really energize me back! That short conversation really do make me smile. Sweet indeed. Make my day. I know most part of her are telling that she miss me too damn much. I got great instinct remember? You just too miss me ryte kan? And another suprise me, she called her mom and asked her to have a lepakin session with me. Hmm, can I handle that? Nak datang beraya hari tu pun *dup dap dup dap* laju gile kot. Hmm, Hmm, Hmm sure why not. Sooner or later I will see her in every raye pun kan, Part of the family dah pun. Nows my chance to strike a dart in her heart. Impressing my mak mertua. Yeah! I shall bring my most angelic face to impress the Queen.

You fucking miss me huh? :p

To ease your pain of missing me a lil' bit, I shall say this magic words 'I MISS YOU TOO'. Not telling you a lie but when im woke up in every morning, the first thing to do is grab my phone and check wether you text me or not, which you does every single morning and had never dissappoint me. To be the first person you think of waking up is so wonderful. Its like my image is glued stick to her brain and makes her cannot forget me even a second. Feeling lucky? Yes I do. :-) To be part of your everyday life without really being there is enough for me to feel so special. I really cant afford not to have you for even a day. So, dont you ever dare to speak like the devils way again. Which you know how much I really love you.

Sending a kiss to Kitty's!

I Miss you Kitty

I Miss You .......!

I Miss You ....!

I Miss You ......!

*Nyum Nyum*