A years went by, A month of hell, A days to looks for.

This will be my first chapter of the post that I will write, will continue tomorrow because the one that's reading this aren't allowed to stay up late.. I forbid her so.. Heh Heh!

I never thought u have done that silly thing, im quite suprised and now im laughing out loud.. Hahaha, well thats the thing when you share a blog, it could always caught you in suprise.. And for that, i must thank you again for being calm of yourself for my un-post notes for you.. Ha ha..

I once remember, im at the same spot as where you are now.. I have been hit much lower to the ground before.. But suprisingly, Yes i am suprised myself; I managed to surpass all of the obstacle, a very hard one, because i believe in myself.. I know things are gettin rough for you and i never heard u cried much more than this days.. Im deeply sorry for what u dealt with.. I wish you to be strong, To keep u attached as u possibly can.. Just 3 more days to go and u have that grand prize for what u have been waiting for un/patiently.. You will have me again, as a whole where u could feel me, touch my face again, holding my hands tightly.. I will be right here waiting for you..

You said million times that u need me kitty, i know how u feel coz i feel the same way too.. But you forgot what i once told you '' when i need you, i just close my eyes and im with you''.. You do remember ryte? Maybe you should remember back the 'breakfast' moment to keep you alive back..


To reply what Miss Kitty have wrote yesterday, I must selfishly explain what i feel that very moment i read it, It was too emotional for me to even hold to my ego feelings and as a men, i failed.. Its like a kid loses his candy, the banjir moment where my shirts getting wet weeping all of the H20 from my eyes..


To makes it even sadder, she was there with me on the phone while im reading it.. If only she was here, then must be her shirts that getting wet by my falling ___ drop... So;

With all my heart;


It have been like (almost) a month now since we didnt meet.. I am too much in missing her till i cant stop thinking about her every second.. Rily!, She drives me crazy in a good way and in every way..

I still remember clearly how the last time we met, it was infront of her house and we were talking about so many things.. It was a great moment, and then we hugged tightly and T_T.. We didnt have much proper goodbye at that time.. Thought it was going to be 2 weeks, But FUCK!, The contract extended itself to a month, Fuck again!.. Wanna know what my first responces hearing it? ''WTF!, i cant deal with this".. I reacted like a kid, getting this moody mood, I thought i must be strong for myself, but yet again i was exploded and always pushing her to come home, and im so sorry for that..

Things got a little lot too rough, we fight and make out, fight and make out.. Im glad her loves for me was too strong to deny me.. I should thank you for that.. Well you know how my magic works right, it always caught u by suprise.. Im loving it when she loves all of my sweet things that I have done for her.. It was all only intended to make you smile.. And ofcoz for you to remember me lah kan..

I knew I just cant live without her, the proof?! My life is 1 hell moment since she went there.. Im a living madness!..I need to her face, if possible, every single second of my life and will never get bored coz when you have this special someone, You just think that to see her are more than enough to make you the luckiest person on earth.. Well honestly, I do need you so much that it drives me so insane not to have you by my side..

Yesterday was too special for me to describe, Its like im resurrected to my oneself back.. I AM ME again, Finally!.. I missed the moment where we talk laughing.. Its been awhile since we talk like yesterday, should've recorded it..

The very best thing about the post, the most heartwinning moment was while im reading the post... scrolling down.. downer.. downer... I read this, "Sayang, if you miss me too, this is for you;" T_T (bush! banjir lagi) haha... Thats was my most favorite quote of this week.. That was magical.. She was too special!.. Alas!, her lovey-dovey mode appears again and giving the love spark to me (and only god knows how lucky I am).. The pix was like a real, its just feel like you're really there infront of me.. Owh, How lah can I handle to control my feelings this upcoming weekend seeing your face..

Kitty, Please be strong there, It makes me sad when you wrote about the Segamat sweet memories, I know tons of sweet memories of us in there.. If only got fingerprints, then you see much of us there still existed.. I missed the moment where we lepak at ceruk, at traffic light, at kedai sweater most of it.. One day, just wait, I'll be there to share those special moment with you once more like the way we had done before.. I must have those special moment with you again!

A years went by, A month of madness, A days to looks for..

Miss Every Moment Of You,