Happy April! Not~

It's has been ages haven't doodling here. And yeah, I have loads of things that I wanna bull here but alas my head is still sticking up with the fucking laden notes. The fuck. I shall undesirably sticking 'em in my brain with double sellotape since I have my finals in two weeks. I so can't wait for this bullshit ends :(

I've had enough of tedious elongate of angst-laden roller coaster lately. And fuckyeah, I occasionally detest April. If only I can decamp all of these shitty days. Had been sooo buzehhhh, penat lah.

Tests tests tests.

Assignments assignments assignments.

Presentations presentations presentations.

And then finals finals finals!

Holy cow.

Twas terrible and relentless and I really hope that this coming weekend will take things down a notch. But heck I know my chance is pretty inconceivable. Humph.

Uh, when the hell lah all of THAT fucking tiring works will finish eh? Somehow, I think I'd better not having my degree-oh my dreams! Wait, I should have not mention about that! I know I'm being such an arsehole now. Ignore me.



1. I hate accounting to death! I must admit, I have an allergic with the numbers. Ergo, do not ask me how to calculate any maths question with my shitty manual calculation. Fuck it. Wonder whether I can further my bachelor of finance or not.

2. Had done my tests in tad dreadful mode. Noktah.

3. Still have another 2 tests next week! GRRR.

4. Got panda eyes, numerous acnes, agitated roller coaster mode, had unintentionally skipped my makan time. This is not sooo me!

5. Note to self; don't simply trust people around you, that stupid creature. Go get a life. Poor girl~

Lastly, I need to get rid of these fucking matter. I should stay strong for another month here :)

Loads of Love, K.

Awhhh not forgotten; Mr Sayang is the best thing that has ever happened to my April :)