I know I can't have another you in another day.

Gosh, it's been ALMOST a month of disappearing act since my previous post, what a lame. And I unintentionally forgot what it felt to have a space for myself, how good it felt like to unleash what's tinkering with my idiotic brain. I can't believe that I was a prick (I can't win for this can I?) to just ignored the nerve of craving to vent and revamp my thoughts. Screw me, if you can.

Finals are here, still wondering how faster is time was ticking lately. Perhaps I was too idle or had died at the time happened(?) Heckyeah, ignore my idiotic brain people. But I must admit that this is the most hectic semester in my record as everyone does feel the same way too. And it quite relieves me when thinking that my shitload of darn workload had been successfully done, hurrah! Nothing else can irks me now and then, here and there but finals. 2 down, 4 more to go~

Speaking of the last 2 papers that had happened in merely ONE fucking day; was horrifically horrid but I managed to strike it as best as I can, AT LEAST I have studied. Noktah.

Next up; FIN 344 in three days. Still need another revamping mode. *Take a deep deep breath* Have to read a lot! I have an allergic with reading anyways. I so wanna study (**STG!) but I don't think my brain can easily digest any investment thingamajig at the moment. Sheesh.

Last semester's horrific results MUST NOT be repeated itself. Wish I can surpass the lame verdict of mine though. Crossing fingers.

SPOILER ALERT!: The most susah nak mampos paper; FIN320-the dinosaur of the semester indeed! Ngaummm. Frankly, I really need to not gain my careless mistaken ever again. This is a bad bad thing. Must get my arse off from the devil thoughts in me. I'm determined to make it happens. End of story.

Still at home since I have a week of gap to next paper, so I've got my sweet escape for that, who doesn't want anyway? Thank you very much!

Really got splendid weekend with Mr Sayang. Totally in love with Baby H!! Will upload his snapshot sooner. Hihi. I've been waiting for him to come for soooo long and it totally worth the patience of mine! Love your therapeutic session, even though got no major plans but we still managed to pun our lovey-dovey mode to the fullest and screwed any massive squabbles that has almost happened. *Clap clap* Maybe we both tired of cajoling&majuking drama heh? Teehee.


Loads of idiotic words, K.

** Swear.To.God!