A nightmare on Petola Street and I was killed by The Crazies.

It's our anniversary and we don't have any blast plan to do. So this is an unplanned plan;

When I was still a kiddo, I like this film ALOT! I can vividly remember the first time I saw Freddy Krueger on the big screen. Heh.

To answer the most pressing question first; Jackie Earle Haley does succeed in making the Freddy Krueger character his own in the remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. The new movie would be nothing without the right man in the razor-fingered role.

Freddy is no longer just the filthy child murderer of Wes Craven's 1984 classic, but a perverted child molester who once did awful things to the little students, and this NIGHTMARE brings the pedophilic themes simmering under the surface of Craven's movie to the forefront.

Sigh, Freddy Krueger.

My other issue is that the big showdown between Nancy and Freddy in the final act is missing a little something. The film's ultimate conclusion more than makes up for it, but I would have liked to go a little further in finding out why Nancy is Freddy's favorite out of all of his victims.

The other thing I wasn't happy with is that the film relies too much on digital tech to do its storytelling. While I do know that these days it's hard to avoid digital effects, I just wish the tech was enough to keep the effects from still looking cheesy.

But apparently critics did not cotton to the new Freddy but then again, what do critics know, right? You moviegoers out there in moviegoer land seems to like the new version of Freddy just fine. Well, this is a good start to a new era of Freddy Krueger, and I'd definitely be interested to see where this goes in the future. :)

The thing irked me was that; the boyf seems understand how terrible I was in watching a suspense movie. Sheesh. Don't be such annoyed will you?

Grade: B-

Since they got positive review in Rotten Tomatoes, I really did want to watch this, by myself-cause I know people shall laugh at me due to a horrendous face of mine whenever I watch suspense flick. Fuck. -.-"

And this remake of The Crazies-the original was released on 1973 and it was surprisingly bang-up! Even though the plot line was very foreseeable, we should not penalise the film because of it, it's a REMAKE after all.

The Crazies is not likely to become a classic piece of horror movie making, but what it sets out to do it clearly achieves. With an effective cast and an easy to understand the plot, Breck Eisner aimed to recreate some of the scares of the classic movies of the horror genre in the 70's and manages to pull a lot of the best parts and piece them together to create an entertaining film.

Oh I won't spoil a thing, but there are a lot of very well done set pieces. They're well shot, exciting and always with a little touch of Oh-nice-I-wasn't-expecting-that!(you'll like the knifey hand.) And it doesn't really let up. For the most part, it cracks along at pace, barely pausing for breath. Although it does. Twice. Only for a few minutes, but these periods are a bit dull/sombre. Although ordinarily you may not even notice it, they are perhaps a victim of the rest of the film being so fast and lean.

It's well written too! The script is good and tight, there's nothing extraneous and to the best of my recollection everything pays off. There are some killer lines too;

"I won't tell you why I need to go back for my wife. And you don't have to tell me how you can leave without yours."


The bad? Rhada Mitchell is wussy. It's a decent enough part she just plays it like a wet, annoying noodle. In fact at one point Olyphant gives her a 'magic road' rant and instead of suspecting he had the crazy I wanted to applaud him for telling her to knock it off.

Above all else, the film stands out in a time when horror is not necessarily dead, but strays in odd directions and often feels absurd. This isn't filled with gore and sex prevalent in so many of the horror films of today. Instead, The Crazies relies on a suspense and marque acting, creating an apocalyptic thrill ride that makes you wonder if the premise is just crazy enough to become reality. Heh.

But seriously, who the hell sees a suspense film for the story line? As long as the film makes you startle, shriek and squirm at your seat(like I did!), then you have just watched a damn good suspense film.

To be fair, I am kinda feeble, so this is may not seems like such a kick-ass for the hardcores out there. But I seemed like this alot! I've already watched this for 3 bloody times in 2 days. What a effing nuts. Bummer.

Bottom line though, I highly recommend it. It's exciting, thrilling and at times chilling. Go, enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for Uncle George's shout-out. You can find out more about the film on the official site

Grade: B

I've just got a part-time job!
A Secret-fucking-Recipe??


It's me; The Rambling Girl with a Curly Hair.


Laura Marling
(Her name's similar to Hobbit's FUTURE daughter lah!)

I've been waiting to have the full album since it released on March this year. Due to the busy sched, that didn't happen till now. Yeah right. -.-"

To be quite honest, I am not into folk-fucking-pop music or any 'suicide song' which is too melancholy/mellow/sombre for my likings. I'd prefer to play the hardcore song in the playlists in order to electrify me from heartache. Heh. Well, I don't actually remember when the first time I heard her name but I was definitely fell in love with 'Crawled Out Of The Sea' and'Rambling Man'. It did automatically be listed on my all-time favorite songs and play that songs over and over again till I fell much better. Gorgeous melody :)

Some information of Laura Marling;

Laura Beatrice Marling was born on 1st of February 1990 (Thefuck? She's still a lil runt isn't she?) is a folk-pop, singer-songwriter from Hampshire, England. She initially is prominent within the London-folk scene. She has also toured with a number of well-known indie artist in the UK especially with Noah and The Whale, The Rakes and Mystery Jets. Her sound is characterised by striking melodies and poetic lyricism. Whoa, I LIKE. Since I needed much of feel good song now, the mellower is the better now, I supposed. Heh.

Anyway, you can visit her beautiful website. (Just click on this link!)
Must do blast off her latest vids, lyrics and songs, photos, news and all.


Beautiful cover I've ever seen!

The first album; Alas, I cannot swim was released on February 2008. It opens incredibly strongly with Ghost, already one of the contenders for single of the year. It's a beautifully frail song, embellished with some lovely harmonies and lyrics that hint at an old head on young shoulders-"Lover please don't fall to your knees, it's not like I believe in everlasting love"runs the refrain.

On first hearing, you may think this is a purely acoustic album, but repeated listens throw up some subtle treats-such as the muted trumpet on Failure, the strange, eerie near-tango melody of the interlude of Crawled Out Of The Sea, or the way that Cross Your Fingers (a future single, surely?) skips along beautifully. She has a strong voice, and she doesn't have to resort to wailing or stretching out her vowels either.

My Manic And I treads a similarly dark path while sounding deceptively pretty, while Your Only Doll(Dora) showcases her way with intriguing lyrics. The only criticism may be that there isn't much variety here, with all songs sticking to a similar tempo and feel. But then again, you don't expect Laura Marling to suddenly start competing for the title of 'Queen of Crunk'. Ha ha. Ergo, for the folk-rock lovers, this is absolutely the food for your soul :)

Rating: 7/10


I Speak Because I Can (2010)

-Devil's Spoke
-Made By Made
-Rambling Man
-Blackberry Stone
-Alpha Shallows
-Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)
-Hope In The Air
-What He Wrote
-Darkness Descends
-I Speak Because I can

It would be patronising to call I Speak Because I Can Laura's growing up record, I must say. She has always seemed older and wiser than her previous album. Its 10 tracks are remarkably rendered; combining a darker sound and more raw emotion from her this time around, with an added sophistication and a youthful vim driving it onwards. Rambling Man; spouts some of her bleakest poetry to date:

Oh naïve little me,
Asking what things you have seen,
And you're vulnerable in your head,
You'll scream and you'll wail `till you're dead. . .
And it's hard to accept yourself as someone, you don't desire,
As someone you don't want to be.

This girl is still a lil runt (As I mentioned before) and that lyrics is weighty subjects indeed, all addressed with grace and astonishing perception. And it doesn't stop there, the storytelling throughout this rusty record is utterly compelling! Blackberry Stone telling that she(LM) telling her lover,"You never did learn to let the little things go/ You never did learn to let me be"-I am so in love with the lyrics! Then in Alpha Shallows, she sings of a man who will "work my heart till it's raw". This is heartbreaking stuff, and even though on the prettier romantic-sounding ditties a sense of foreboding prevails, whether it's in the strum of a vehement-sounding chord on the title track or in a line.

I Speak Because I can is. . .without doubt, an album to really delve into, and one to lose yourself in for hours. Added to that, it asserts she as one of UK's most talented young songwriters(without doubt, again) Heh.

Rating: 8.5/10

Those ditties are fine and dandy, but the depth, flair and literary skill of her work is now in a different league altogether.

I can't wait for the next instalment then!

(Who said I can't be a critic anyway?) Heh!


Based on the title above,
before I forgot to mention,
this is me;

The Rambling Girl with a Curly Hair
Yeahhh right.

With a pinkish polka-dot shirt
Very poyo!

HAHA. . .


From Sydney-Harajuku-Soho-NY, but how's in Malaysia?


"All my dreams are beautiful. But none as beautiful as you. You are the reason I return here each morning."

Cute baby of the year!

I have nothing to do today(as usual). And I was stopped at Faisal Tehrani's blog when I saw those beautiful picture;

OMFG! Debab gila! I so wanna pinch his biggy cheeks hard! Gerrrrrram! He's born with 3kg-great weight huh. But in 7 months, his weight grown up to 20 kg! His mom gives him breast feed all the time. ALL THE TIME! Nice.

I wonder what sizes he gonna have in next 20 years then.

Slender or obese.

Who knows?

I'm no good, I know.

Tonight is a total bust, I must say.

I have spent the last 3 hours in a bed of trying to sleep. Fuck still, I couldn't ignore what is bugging me and I really NEED sleep, dickhead. I do absolutely not like the feeling of urging myself to sleep, bloody hell. I usually zonk out and sleep at 5 in the morning. But this. . .is fuck.

I have a problems with myself and I have no fucking idea what to do about it. I have a feelings of how jerk I was. All I can think of right now is how right I have been and I have to admit it's not supposed to be like that.

"You're the angel, whereas I'm the demon".

Yeah I know that from the start.

I am still trying to change. By god, I am. I've tried to suck it in and be stronger. To always remember myself to wears the bulletproof vest on and to always wears a smile. To always channelise myself from the negative to positive thoughts. But not tonight. I still failed. Fuck me. But come to think of it; "You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."-Sam Keen.

And from now on, you can see the difference of me, I swear it on my own's name. If I can't, you'll never see me again.

I don't know what I want now. But there's only one thing I want. It's you! I want US to be like the first time we met. To just have a stupid conversation without dispute then laugh for the childish stunt that you had strike and everything we've done together is sweet indeed, to just don't give a damn what people gonna say. Oh how I missed that moment.

And I do not know how to start the right track on back. Despite the fact that we may have to start it all slowly, I'm pretty sure that we will find a way, I think. Everyone needs his/her own time, right? So do I. I shall giving it up to you then.

Call me setan, so that I could spank you, HARD!

Worse still, am not sleepy AT ALL.


Sick, but eventually gets better.

I woke up on midmorning today with a text from a friend of mine who asked me for my new snapshot. The hell? It has been ages kot haven't meet her then by all of sudden ask me for a weird thing. We need to hangout!

My dream is weird today. Beyond weird. I've already forgot what happened in my dream but it's suck lah. Plus, I've been dreaming on weird/funny/wussy things the other day which Justin Bieber is happen to say that my haircut is better with colors. But still, he likes my hairdo! Heh. Anyway, enough of my silly dream. Must have better dreams tonight! Hiyargh!

On my reality check;

1. Another driving class tomorrow. Can't wait to settle this down. Sigh.

2. Holiday insomnia and losing weight due to have no appetite(usually in hols)and I don't know why.

3. Playing badminton-it's pretty sucky but better play hard next time! It has been ages not to play badminton anyway. Pancit weyh!

4. Been acting such a kiddo when we're merely at the playground. Swing baby swing! I now also fancy myself as a pakar kaji cuaca. No jokes.

5. He already quitted his job and find something else better. Good for you! I need to find a job too!

6. I want to dye my lock! Need to get more dosh! Plus, Youth '10 is on 28th, gosh I really wanna damned go!

7. The bestie has problem with her boyf last night. Well, how do you act if you actually know all the damn truth that is the bad thing happen between them and she(the bestie) doesn't know at all of the secret that you kept. I definitely don't know how to react. What a shame. At the risk of sounding like a total jerky; I have to keep the secret in the meantime. I just don't want the bad getting worst, that's it.

8. It get disappointing when someone you loved doesn't have faith in you and never had(?) Or maybe he needed time to be comfy again? I absolutely know TRUST and HONESTY is pretty simple. Oh how I wish trust could be that easy...

9. I need the shower now. Hope it'll make me feel better.


The Remedy.

The album is the follow-up to the album Timbaland Presents Shock Value(2007) and I've been waiting since FOREVER(ha ha), I really hope another Give It To Me, The Way I Are, and a remix of One Republic's Apologize will be orgasm inducing for some to the Timbaland's kipas-susah-mati once again, and he totally rocks the world, harder!

On Shock Value II, Timbaland re-maps the pop/R&B landscape by batting away genre boundaries yeah once again. This second looping features guest appearances from Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, The Fray, Chris Daughtry, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, Brandy, Drake, and Keri Hilson.

And fuck, you should play the One Republic's Marching On song and do compare with the Timbo version in this album! MAJOR LOVE. Timbaland did waaay better than Apologize this time around and I completely loving it. To this day, I'll play that brilliant song in loop till I feel better. No more Sad Eyes. Teehee. I should thank the boyf as he reminded me to download the full album. Haih I was sooo lembab in updates lately. Boo me.

Overall, 9 out of 10 is due, it's too good for my strong liking lahhhh :)
All songs are beautiful indeed to electrify me. It automatically makes me to go dancing & headshaking, non-stop. Heh. Pure yum~


To be quite frank, I have always been more of the British band fan over American band. But this, when I first heard Hey, Soul Sister, it completely became another my feel good song of the year after Marching On. And that is something, not many songs can seduce me in the first try.

I'm not into Train as I'm not too American for my likings, or may be I didn't give some chance to hear their previous albums. I've only heard Drops of Jupiter-Tell Me before. And after For Me, It's You(2006) emerged, the album was commercially unsuccessful. They failed to fit in my head though. After they went on a three-years hiatus, they re-united and released this in 2009. The hell?! Told ya I was sooo lembab~

I love This Ain't Goodbye and Brick By Brick too. Even though it's kinda mellow, but that is not a bad thing anyway. But another songs is just plain sombre and I don't understand what's the song about as the lyrics were all over the place and I did not like it at all. After their comeback, they should've made a better songs right? But this? Sigh. Just give it a try.

6/10. To the Train's kipas-susah-mati, this is for you who would like to scratch the damn album.


Another American band here. This indie band really is something which I have been itching to hear when I first heard Oxford Comma on their first album. They sounded like British and that is why I like 'em. It pleased me to download the full album which had a feel good vibe indeed. The new album is a bit bizarre when they put a new sounds and instruments and a good vibe on it made me go happy after hear it. Twas mind bending.

I'm certainly adore Ezra K's voice.

All of 10 songs are good to hear all day especially to Horchata, Giving Up The Gun, Diplomat's Son, White Sky and all!

So 8/10 is enough. Not bad. Two thumbs up!

I now visualise myself as a judge, heh. (Sooo poyo!)
Tho' my music's taste and penchant is kinda suck, I do NOT care.


Kiss me with a FIST.

Saya Azni, umur saya 20 tahun(lagi 1 bulan masuk 21), perempuan(lagi 1 tahun menjadi wanita?), tidak lesbo.

My weaknesses;

  1. Mudah marah dan melenting melebihi batas
  2. Berjiwa sensitif
  3. Pendendam
  4. Tidak bijak
  5. Tidak berbakat
  6. Tidak cantik/kacak
  7. Heartbreaker
  8. Lazy bum
I am me. I have ton of more weaknesses. And sooner or later, that list will grow. It will turn out to be so bad. Beyond bad. And worst of all, beyond worst. Well, I thank people who still willing to accepted me the way I am and believe in me to befriend with.

The list of my goodness is short. Definitely short. There are people says that they believe in me but then when it comes to real walk the talks, they failed. And time and time again I now realise people are always have been selfish. Then I became more selfish. So call me selfish, I do NOT care. AT ALL.

Please know that I don't have any GREAT relationships. Last 2 years I was all alone, but this year the bad record is just to be recovered. With you, I do feel the greatest of all. Even though our relationship is just hit 1 years, 2 months, 3 weeks and 1 day, I still feel so grateful. I so want a long-lasting relationship, so there~

Also, please know that I don't have many TRUE friends. Pathetic, I know. But I don't give a fuck for that. Am just being me.

So, this is me. For those who think that list is totally fucked up, I say; do NOT befriend with me.



On the way out for supper, Emak told me to;

"Be careful. You don't wanna get yourself shot."

Oh my. . . Parents are now cautioning their kids against trigger-happy cops, instead of the big bad crooks. What gives heh?


I love being so much different from the former one.

Went to the bestie's saloon. Chop chop chop!

I've eventually chopped up my long locks short. SHORTER. It has been almost five years not having supershort hair and am trying to keep it healthier this time around. My head is seemingly getting allay of any burden now. Am glad that I've made it. They're easy to set too! HAPPY!

Surprised the boyf (not so surprised dah after I asked him for permission to chop up) with the impulsive haircut. Double glad when the boyf is also loving the do too!

Yeay :)

A new hairdo, a new me.

But sometimes I have the feeling that it must gonna be real hard to match the pretty clothes and the supershort hair. To put the suitable clothes on before go out, it must takes a longer period. Hoping the boyf doesn't mind that. But I know, since today he did admit that he can't stand to be waited an hour outside. Damn him.

I think I miss my hair. Oh fuck.


Movie Maniac.

I have missed PILES of movies due to my freaking busy schedule at Segamat and I'm trying to keep up-to-date now. Heh.

First and foremost;

At the time I still got 1 paper left, I still managed to watch this movie. Honestly, I don't feel like urge to watch it but due to the plan of the friends, yours truly have to watch it together at Malacca. To be quite frank, I didn't watch Iron Man 1 because I think this type of superhero is just common/boring/dull. But after I've done watch it, it's just another cool movie to watch, really.

An unbelievably gigantic ego, toddler-like stubbornness, with a real penchant for acting purely on raw impulse. Unpredictability; yummy. Not to mention the fucking sexy (over)self-confidence; justifiable solely by that equally as sexy super-intelligence. And those devilishly handsome good looks, complemented by a real knack for delicious wit?


Plus, that subtle yet deep-seated soft spot for Pepper Potts is remarkably demilitarising. They make such a beautifully awesome fuss couple I can just drool endlessly.

Sigh, Tony Stark.

I love his jokes, definitely.

And the hot yummy bitch goes to Scarlett Johansson. I love her bod! Who wouldn't be heh? Am I sounding like a complete lesbo? T__T

To the boyf; I'm truly sorry for not watching this with you but I ensure you that we can watch it together. I don't mind to watch it for the second time as I love this movie that is. Hihi :)

Okay next up;

This is my fucking favorite movie!
Thank Lord I didn't missed to watch the first movie

For the hurrah moments;
The boyf promised me to watch it too even tho' he said he doesn't like the chinese movie but I do not care! Heh.

I should blame on Ayah for my liking :D


My treats for him as he already to promised to watch IP MAN 2, in return I have to watch this movie! Hilarious much? But it's okay since Jake Gyllenhaal is the hero in this movie! Yay.


Enough said; The most a longtime movie I've been waited. Heee. Not so long but STILL I can't fucking wait! So do the boyf! We both been crazy for this as we ARE the vampy too! Kehkehkeh.


Robin Hooddddddddddddddd!


Can Kristen Stewart plays the roles as Joan Jett?

We'll see :)


Happy Emak's Day!

Happy Emak's Day to all of you beautiful moms out there. To be frank, I could be the lousiest person in this planet since I've forgotten that today's the BIG day. What a prick. How come I forgot heh? And I know she felt a lil upset for that matter and this is definitely the one great greeting card to give to her. Hihi.

Sorry emak. For all of my wrongdoings.
I love you love you.

Some motivation for me.

1. I need to pass my DIIA, must and have to pass with first class degree. No further discussion.

2. I need to and have to be in investment field as a starting point of my career. No further discussion.

3. I need and have to challenge myself each and every day to strive for the very very best. No further discussion.

4. I need and have to earn my own money, big dosh for myself to be able to go to a vacation at least once a year. No further discussion.

5. I need to and have to buy my own car (Clio Renaultsport 200 in mind) and house (big bungalow at a countryside).

6. I want to and have to get married at beach! (in Sipadan Island to be exact!). HAVE TO. No further discussion.

7. I want to and have to have at least 3 beautiful kids of my own. Heh. And I must adopt one baby girl in 5 years.

7 are enough, for now!

Douched, again.

The finals are over, FINALLY! After all, I can zonk out like there is no tomorrow without any disturbance or actually without any burden of studying, NO MORE! I'm tired of being tired lahhh.

The Fin 320 paper was. . .TAHI.
Why cry over the spilt milk right?
As long as I do better as fuck than the last semester, I'm all good :)

Hopefully the result is better too! Just as long as I can reassure and prove to the boyfriend that I'm not such lazy arse. But due to the fact that I really tend to be melted in joining, I'm truly sorry for that. Sheeshhh man, don't be such annoyed can we? Teehee.

Not forgotten; You're too good to have your precious 'redemption' for bringing a 'toyol' in examination! The fuck?! No wonder you've got a frigging DL for the last two semesters. But today, you fail baby! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a mere example of how stupid people who doesn't actually have a brain acting like they're too clever to have a privilege. You ain't got that this time around. We'll see what happens on next semester whether she will get 1 semester suspension or just kick out from uni just for that! Moral value; DO NOT CHEAT ON EXAMS! If you do, you're just rottenly wreck your parent's heart for two. Funny as it may seems but people still not realize the actual catastrophic consequences in returns.

And for myself;
Congrats for being kinda good kiddo! I haven't cheated in finals so far. NEVER!


Just went back from sleepover with Mr Sayang at PD. It was a splendid moment when the one you loved had to go all the way from KL-Johore straight after works. And I remember the time (I think I was still part 1) I had wished to have a boyfriend who could take me home from UiTM-home. Then now it all becomes a reality. Oh my. . .

IY modern romance!

I'll rate PD at a 4/10. Kedekut heh?

What irked me was that; I found this stupid people who threw away the rubbish onto the beach without hesitation, suka hati bapak dia! We supposedly throw him away into beach as he is actually a fucking trash. No wonder the beach is really really in bad conditions nowadays. Sampah all the way around. Killjoy. They need to have the cleanup of demeanor inside. Please PLEASE do appreciate our God's creature people. Save the nature.

What's make me happy now;

I love having a lovable conversation with you at sandy beach till 4 in the morning and I don't mind to have another hours just to hear your blurb about anything as long as I'm with you(3 weeks of isolation really made me gone mad.), so there. With a doggy wandering around us, and there was you whose did non-stop hissing around against that fluffy cutey creature. Heh. Leave them the fuck alone lahhhh.


Even though I detested what have you done in my playlist, I love you still~

It's better we do it together anyway, I've just gave you a challenge the other day. Never mind that! But please do not set up your own playlist after this. Hihi. Oh well, I do really know what's in your top 3 favorite songs lah! Really.

Been overdosing myself with 'Sad eyes' quite lately. Natasha K really makes me weak all the time. ALL THE TIME. But I hate it when I think if I were in this song. Oh joy.

Anyway, I love all of your songs, excluded Malay-jiwang songs. YUCKKK.


I know that I'll be getting goddamn bored if I do nothing in this semester break. Ergo, I HAVE TO FIND A VACANCIES IN ANY JOBS THAT I CAN FILL! Need to find my own pocket money to buy a new baby! CROSSINGFINGERS! Plus, I have to spend it for paying the house rental since I (literally) haven't got college on the next semester. And and I have a freaking VIVA too! Have to spend every penny for that! FUCKKK. This is bad. *Sigh*

Wish me luck!