Douched, again.

The finals are over, FINALLY! After all, I can zonk out like there is no tomorrow without any disturbance or actually without any burden of studying, NO MORE! I'm tired of being tired lahhh.

The Fin 320 paper was. . .TAHI.
Why cry over the spilt milk right?
As long as I do better as fuck than the last semester, I'm all good :)

Hopefully the result is better too! Just as long as I can reassure and prove to the boyfriend that I'm not such lazy arse. But due to the fact that I really tend to be melted in joining, I'm truly sorry for that. Sheeshhh man, don't be such annoyed can we? Teehee.

Not forgotten; You're too good to have your precious 'redemption' for bringing a 'toyol' in examination! The fuck?! No wonder you've got a frigging DL for the last two semesters. But today, you fail baby! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a mere example of how stupid people who doesn't actually have a brain acting like they're too clever to have a privilege. You ain't got that this time around. We'll see what happens on next semester whether she will get 1 semester suspension or just kick out from uni just for that! Moral value; DO NOT CHEAT ON EXAMS! If you do, you're just rottenly wreck your parent's heart for two. Funny as it may seems but people still not realize the actual catastrophic consequences in returns.

And for myself;
Congrats for being kinda good kiddo! I haven't cheated in finals so far. NEVER!


Just went back from sleepover with Mr Sayang at PD. It was a splendid moment when the one you loved had to go all the way from KL-Johore straight after works. And I remember the time (I think I was still part 1) I had wished to have a boyfriend who could take me home from UiTM-home. Then now it all becomes a reality. Oh my. . .

IY modern romance!

I'll rate PD at a 4/10. Kedekut heh?

What irked me was that; I found this stupid people who threw away the rubbish onto the beach without hesitation, suka hati bapak dia! We supposedly throw him away into beach as he is actually a fucking trash. No wonder the beach is really really in bad conditions nowadays. Sampah all the way around. Killjoy. They need to have the cleanup of demeanor inside. Please PLEASE do appreciate our God's creature people. Save the nature.

What's make me happy now;

I love having a lovable conversation with you at sandy beach till 4 in the morning and I don't mind to have another hours just to hear your blurb about anything as long as I'm with you(3 weeks of isolation really made me gone mad.), so there. With a doggy wandering around us, and there was you whose did non-stop hissing around against that fluffy cutey creature. Heh. Leave them the fuck alone lahhhh.


Even though I detested what have you done in my playlist, I love you still~

It's better we do it together anyway, I've just gave you a challenge the other day. Never mind that! But please do not set up your own playlist after this. Hihi. Oh well, I do really know what's in your top 3 favorite songs lah! Really.

Been overdosing myself with 'Sad eyes' quite lately. Natasha K really makes me weak all the time. ALL THE TIME. But I hate it when I think if I were in this song. Oh joy.

Anyway, I love all of your songs, excluded Malay-jiwang songs. YUCKKK.


I know that I'll be getting goddamn bored if I do nothing in this semester break. Ergo, I HAVE TO FIND A VACANCIES IN ANY JOBS THAT I CAN FILL! Need to find my own pocket money to buy a new baby! CROSSINGFINGERS! Plus, I have to spend it for paying the house rental since I (literally) haven't got college on the next semester. And and I have a freaking VIVA too! Have to spend every penny for that! FUCKKK. This is bad. *Sigh*

Wish me luck!