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Laura Marling
(Her name's similar to Hobbit's FUTURE daughter lah!)

I've been waiting to have the full album since it released on March this year. Due to the busy sched, that didn't happen till now. Yeah right. -.-"

To be quite honest, I am not into folk-fucking-pop music or any 'suicide song' which is too melancholy/mellow/sombre for my likings. I'd prefer to play the hardcore song in the playlists in order to electrify me from heartache. Heh. Well, I don't actually remember when the first time I heard her name but I was definitely fell in love with 'Crawled Out Of The Sea' and'Rambling Man'. It did automatically be listed on my all-time favorite songs and play that songs over and over again till I fell much better. Gorgeous melody :)

Some information of Laura Marling;

Laura Beatrice Marling was born on 1st of February 1990 (Thefuck? She's still a lil runt isn't she?) is a folk-pop, singer-songwriter from Hampshire, England. She initially is prominent within the London-folk scene. She has also toured with a number of well-known indie artist in the UK especially with Noah and The Whale, The Rakes and Mystery Jets. Her sound is characterised by striking melodies and poetic lyricism. Whoa, I LIKE. Since I needed much of feel good song now, the mellower is the better now, I supposed. Heh.

Anyway, you can visit her beautiful website. (Just click on this link!)
Must do blast off her latest vids, lyrics and songs, photos, news and all.


Beautiful cover I've ever seen!

The first album; Alas, I cannot swim was released on February 2008. It opens incredibly strongly with Ghost, already one of the contenders for single of the year. It's a beautifully frail song, embellished with some lovely harmonies and lyrics that hint at an old head on young shoulders-"Lover please don't fall to your knees, it's not like I believe in everlasting love"runs the refrain.

On first hearing, you may think this is a purely acoustic album, but repeated listens throw up some subtle treats-such as the muted trumpet on Failure, the strange, eerie near-tango melody of the interlude of Crawled Out Of The Sea, or the way that Cross Your Fingers (a future single, surely?) skips along beautifully. She has a strong voice, and she doesn't have to resort to wailing or stretching out her vowels either.

My Manic And I treads a similarly dark path while sounding deceptively pretty, while Your Only Doll(Dora) showcases her way with intriguing lyrics. The only criticism may be that there isn't much variety here, with all songs sticking to a similar tempo and feel. But then again, you don't expect Laura Marling to suddenly start competing for the title of 'Queen of Crunk'. Ha ha. Ergo, for the folk-rock lovers, this is absolutely the food for your soul :)

Rating: 7/10


I Speak Because I Can (2010)

-Devil's Spoke
-Made By Made
-Rambling Man
-Blackberry Stone
-Alpha Shallows
-Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)
-Hope In The Air
-What He Wrote
-Darkness Descends
-I Speak Because I can

It would be patronising to call I Speak Because I Can Laura's growing up record, I must say. She has always seemed older and wiser than her previous album. Its 10 tracks are remarkably rendered; combining a darker sound and more raw emotion from her this time around, with an added sophistication and a youthful vim driving it onwards. Rambling Man; spouts some of her bleakest poetry to date:

Oh naïve little me,
Asking what things you have seen,
And you're vulnerable in your head,
You'll scream and you'll wail `till you're dead. . .
And it's hard to accept yourself as someone, you don't desire,
As someone you don't want to be.

This girl is still a lil runt (As I mentioned before) and that lyrics is weighty subjects indeed, all addressed with grace and astonishing perception. And it doesn't stop there, the storytelling throughout this rusty record is utterly compelling! Blackberry Stone telling that she(LM) telling her lover,"You never did learn to let the little things go/ You never did learn to let me be"-I am so in love with the lyrics! Then in Alpha Shallows, she sings of a man who will "work my heart till it's raw". This is heartbreaking stuff, and even though on the prettier romantic-sounding ditties a sense of foreboding prevails, whether it's in the strum of a vehement-sounding chord on the title track or in a line.

I Speak Because I can is. . .without doubt, an album to really delve into, and one to lose yourself in for hours. Added to that, it asserts she as one of UK's most talented young songwriters(without doubt, again) Heh.

Rating: 8.5/10

Those ditties are fine and dandy, but the depth, flair and literary skill of her work is now in a different league altogether.

I can't wait for the next instalment then!

(Who said I can't be a critic anyway?) Heh!


Based on the title above,
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