Kiss me with a FIST.

Saya Azni, umur saya 20 tahun(lagi 1 bulan masuk 21), perempuan(lagi 1 tahun menjadi wanita?), tidak lesbo.

My weaknesses;

  1. Mudah marah dan melenting melebihi batas
  2. Berjiwa sensitif
  3. Pendendam
  4. Tidak bijak
  5. Tidak berbakat
  6. Tidak cantik/kacak
  7. Heartbreaker
  8. Lazy bum
I am me. I have ton of more weaknesses. And sooner or later, that list will grow. It will turn out to be so bad. Beyond bad. And worst of all, beyond worst. Well, I thank people who still willing to accepted me the way I am and believe in me to befriend with.

The list of my goodness is short. Definitely short. There are people says that they believe in me but then when it comes to real walk the talks, they failed. And time and time again I now realise people are always have been selfish. Then I became more selfish. So call me selfish, I do NOT care. AT ALL.

Please know that I don't have any GREAT relationships. Last 2 years I was all alone, but this year the bad record is just to be recovered. With you, I do feel the greatest of all. Even though our relationship is just hit 1 years, 2 months, 3 weeks and 1 day, I still feel so grateful. I so want a long-lasting relationship, so there~

Also, please know that I don't have many TRUE friends. Pathetic, I know. But I don't give a fuck for that. Am just being me.

So, this is me. For those who think that list is totally fucked up, I say; do NOT befriend with me.