Movie Maniac.

I have missed PILES of movies due to my freaking busy schedule at Segamat and I'm trying to keep up-to-date now. Heh.

First and foremost;

At the time I still got 1 paper left, I still managed to watch this movie. Honestly, I don't feel like urge to watch it but due to the plan of the friends, yours truly have to watch it together at Malacca. To be quite frank, I didn't watch Iron Man 1 because I think this type of superhero is just common/boring/dull. But after I've done watch it, it's just another cool movie to watch, really.

An unbelievably gigantic ego, toddler-like stubbornness, with a real penchant for acting purely on raw impulse. Unpredictability; yummy. Not to mention the fucking sexy (over)self-confidence; justifiable solely by that equally as sexy super-intelligence. And those devilishly handsome good looks, complemented by a real knack for delicious wit?


Plus, that subtle yet deep-seated soft spot for Pepper Potts is remarkably demilitarising. They make such a beautifully awesome fuss couple I can just drool endlessly.

Sigh, Tony Stark.

I love his jokes, definitely.

And the hot yummy bitch goes to Scarlett Johansson. I love her bod! Who wouldn't be heh? Am I sounding like a complete lesbo? T__T

To the boyf; I'm truly sorry for not watching this with you but I ensure you that we can watch it together. I don't mind to watch it for the second time as I love this movie that is. Hihi :)

Okay next up;

This is my fucking favorite movie!
Thank Lord I didn't missed to watch the first movie

For the hurrah moments;
The boyf promised me to watch it too even tho' he said he doesn't like the chinese movie but I do not care! Heh.

I should blame on Ayah for my liking :D


My treats for him as he already to promised to watch IP MAN 2, in return I have to watch this movie! Hilarious much? But it's okay since Jake Gyllenhaal is the hero in this movie! Yay.


Enough said; The most a longtime movie I've been waited. Heee. Not so long but STILL I can't fucking wait! So do the boyf! We both been crazy for this as we ARE the vampy too! Kehkehkeh.


Robin Hooddddddddddddddd!


Can Kristen Stewart plays the roles as Joan Jett?

We'll see :)