A nightmare on Petola Street and I was killed by The Crazies.

It's our anniversary and we don't have any blast plan to do. So this is an unplanned plan;

When I was still a kiddo, I like this film ALOT! I can vividly remember the first time I saw Freddy Krueger on the big screen. Heh.

To answer the most pressing question first; Jackie Earle Haley does succeed in making the Freddy Krueger character his own in the remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. The new movie would be nothing without the right man in the razor-fingered role.

Freddy is no longer just the filthy child murderer of Wes Craven's 1984 classic, but a perverted child molester who once did awful things to the little students, and this NIGHTMARE brings the pedophilic themes simmering under the surface of Craven's movie to the forefront.

Sigh, Freddy Krueger.

My other issue is that the big showdown between Nancy and Freddy in the final act is missing a little something. The film's ultimate conclusion more than makes up for it, but I would have liked to go a little further in finding out why Nancy is Freddy's favorite out of all of his victims.

The other thing I wasn't happy with is that the film relies too much on digital tech to do its storytelling. While I do know that these days it's hard to avoid digital effects, I just wish the tech was enough to keep the effects from still looking cheesy.

But apparently critics did not cotton to the new Freddy but then again, what do critics know, right? You moviegoers out there in moviegoer land seems to like the new version of Freddy just fine. Well, this is a good start to a new era of Freddy Krueger, and I'd definitely be interested to see where this goes in the future. :)

The thing irked me was that; the boyf seems understand how terrible I was in watching a suspense movie. Sheesh. Don't be such annoyed will you?

Grade: B-

Since they got positive review in Rotten Tomatoes, I really did want to watch this, by myself-cause I know people shall laugh at me due to a horrendous face of mine whenever I watch suspense flick. Fuck. -.-"

And this remake of The Crazies-the original was released on 1973 and it was surprisingly bang-up! Even though the plot line was very foreseeable, we should not penalise the film because of it, it's a REMAKE after all.

The Crazies is not likely to become a classic piece of horror movie making, but what it sets out to do it clearly achieves. With an effective cast and an easy to understand the plot, Breck Eisner aimed to recreate some of the scares of the classic movies of the horror genre in the 70's and manages to pull a lot of the best parts and piece them together to create an entertaining film.

Oh I won't spoil a thing, but there are a lot of very well done set pieces. They're well shot, exciting and always with a little touch of Oh-nice-I-wasn't-expecting-that!(you'll like the knifey hand.) And it doesn't really let up. For the most part, it cracks along at pace, barely pausing for breath. Although it does. Twice. Only for a few minutes, but these periods are a bit dull/sombre. Although ordinarily you may not even notice it, they are perhaps a victim of the rest of the film being so fast and lean.

It's well written too! The script is good and tight, there's nothing extraneous and to the best of my recollection everything pays off. There are some killer lines too;

"I won't tell you why I need to go back for my wife. And you don't have to tell me how you can leave without yours."


The bad? Rhada Mitchell is wussy. It's a decent enough part she just plays it like a wet, annoying noodle. In fact at one point Olyphant gives her a 'magic road' rant and instead of suspecting he had the crazy I wanted to applaud him for telling her to knock it off.

Above all else, the film stands out in a time when horror is not necessarily dead, but strays in odd directions and often feels absurd. This isn't filled with gore and sex prevalent in so many of the horror films of today. Instead, The Crazies relies on a suspense and marque acting, creating an apocalyptic thrill ride that makes you wonder if the premise is just crazy enough to become reality. Heh.

But seriously, who the hell sees a suspense film for the story line? As long as the film makes you startle, shriek and squirm at your seat(like I did!), then you have just watched a damn good suspense film.

To be fair, I am kinda feeble, so this is may not seems like such a kick-ass for the hardcores out there. But I seemed like this alot! I've already watched this for 3 bloody times in 2 days. What a effing nuts. Bummer.

Bottom line though, I highly recommend it. It's exciting, thrilling and at times chilling. Go, enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for Uncle George's shout-out. You can find out more about the film on the official site

Grade: B

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