The Remedy.

The album is the follow-up to the album Timbaland Presents Shock Value(2007) and I've been waiting since FOREVER(ha ha), I really hope another Give It To Me, The Way I Are, and a remix of One Republic's Apologize will be orgasm inducing for some to the Timbaland's kipas-susah-mati once again, and he totally rocks the world, harder!

On Shock Value II, Timbaland re-maps the pop/R&B landscape by batting away genre boundaries yeah once again. This second looping features guest appearances from Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, The Fray, Chris Daughtry, Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, Brandy, Drake, and Keri Hilson.

And fuck, you should play the One Republic's Marching On song and do compare with the Timbo version in this album! MAJOR LOVE. Timbaland did waaay better than Apologize this time around and I completely loving it. To this day, I'll play that brilliant song in loop till I feel better. No more Sad Eyes. Teehee. I should thank the boyf as he reminded me to download the full album. Haih I was sooo lembab in updates lately. Boo me.

Overall, 9 out of 10 is due, it's too good for my strong liking lahhhh :)
All songs are beautiful indeed to electrify me. It automatically makes me to go dancing & headshaking, non-stop. Heh. Pure yum~


To be quite frank, I have always been more of the British band fan over American band. But this, when I first heard Hey, Soul Sister, it completely became another my feel good song of the year after Marching On. And that is something, not many songs can seduce me in the first try.

I'm not into Train as I'm not too American for my likings, or may be I didn't give some chance to hear their previous albums. I've only heard Drops of Jupiter-Tell Me before. And after For Me, It's You(2006) emerged, the album was commercially unsuccessful. They failed to fit in my head though. After they went on a three-years hiatus, they re-united and released this in 2009. The hell?! Told ya I was sooo lembab~

I love This Ain't Goodbye and Brick By Brick too. Even though it's kinda mellow, but that is not a bad thing anyway. But another songs is just plain sombre and I don't understand what's the song about as the lyrics were all over the place and I did not like it at all. After their comeback, they should've made a better songs right? But this? Sigh. Just give it a try.

6/10. To the Train's kipas-susah-mati, this is for you who would like to scratch the damn album.


Another American band here. This indie band really is something which I have been itching to hear when I first heard Oxford Comma on their first album. They sounded like British and that is why I like 'em. It pleased me to download the full album which had a feel good vibe indeed. The new album is a bit bizarre when they put a new sounds and instruments and a good vibe on it made me go happy after hear it. Twas mind bending.

I'm certainly adore Ezra K's voice.

All of 10 songs are good to hear all day especially to Horchata, Giving Up The Gun, Diplomat's Son, White Sky and all!

So 8/10 is enough. Not bad. Two thumbs up!

I now visualise myself as a judge, heh. (Sooo poyo!)
Tho' my music's taste and penchant is kinda suck, I do NOT care.