Sick, but eventually gets better.

I woke up on midmorning today with a text from a friend of mine who asked me for my new snapshot. The hell? It has been ages kot haven't meet her then by all of sudden ask me for a weird thing. We need to hangout!

My dream is weird today. Beyond weird. I've already forgot what happened in my dream but it's suck lah. Plus, I've been dreaming on weird/funny/wussy things the other day which Justin Bieber is happen to say that my haircut is better with colors. But still, he likes my hairdo! Heh. Anyway, enough of my silly dream. Must have better dreams tonight! Hiyargh!

On my reality check;

1. Another driving class tomorrow. Can't wait to settle this down. Sigh.

2. Holiday insomnia and losing weight due to have no appetite(usually in hols)and I don't know why.

3. Playing badminton-it's pretty sucky but better play hard next time! It has been ages not to play badminton anyway. Pancit weyh!

4. Been acting such a kiddo when we're merely at the playground. Swing baby swing! I now also fancy myself as a pakar kaji cuaca. No jokes.

5. He already quitted his job and find something else better. Good for you! I need to find a job too!

6. I want to dye my lock! Need to get more dosh! Plus, Youth '10 is on 28th, gosh I really wanna damned go!

7. The bestie has problem with her boyf last night. Well, how do you act if you actually know all the damn truth that is the bad thing happen between them and she(the bestie) doesn't know at all of the secret that you kept. I definitely don't know how to react. What a shame. At the risk of sounding like a total jerky; I have to keep the secret in the meantime. I just don't want the bad getting worst, that's it.

8. It get disappointing when someone you loved doesn't have faith in you and never had(?) Or maybe he needed time to be comfy again? I absolutely know TRUST and HONESTY is pretty simple. Oh how I wish trust could be that easy...

9. I need the shower now. Hope it'll make me feel better.