Some motivation for me.

1. I need to pass my DIIA, must and have to pass with first class degree. No further discussion.

2. I need to and have to be in investment field as a starting point of my career. No further discussion.

3. I need and have to challenge myself each and every day to strive for the very very best. No further discussion.

4. I need and have to earn my own money, big dosh for myself to be able to go to a vacation at least once a year. No further discussion.

5. I need to and have to buy my own car (Clio Renaultsport 200 in mind) and house (big bungalow at a countryside).

6. I want to and have to get married at beach! (in Sipadan Island to be exact!). HAVE TO. No further discussion.

7. I want to and have to have at least 3 beautiful kids of my own. Heh. And I must adopt one baby girl in 5 years.

7 are enough, for now!