On the way out for supper, Emak told me to;

"Be careful. You don't wanna get yourself shot."

Oh my. . . Parents are now cautioning their kids against trigger-happy cops, instead of the big bad crooks. What gives heh?


I love being so much different from the former one.

Went to the bestie's saloon. Chop chop chop!

I've eventually chopped up my long locks short. SHORTER. It has been almost five years not having supershort hair and am trying to keep it healthier this time around. My head is seemingly getting allay of any burden now. Am glad that I've made it. They're easy to set too! HAPPY!

Surprised the boyf (not so surprised dah after I asked him for permission to chop up) with the impulsive haircut. Double glad when the boyf is also loving the do too!

Yeay :)

A new hairdo, a new me.

But sometimes I have the feeling that it must gonna be real hard to match the pretty clothes and the supershort hair. To put the suitable clothes on before go out, it must takes a longer period. Hoping the boyf doesn't mind that. But I know, since today he did admit that he can't stand to be waited an hour outside. Damn him.

I think I miss my hair. Oh fuck.