Modern Romance.

It's 29th! His birthday!
Since 1 snapshot = 1,000 words, I loaded up a bunch of snapshots instead :)

We also got a little overboard for camwhoring.
Heckyeah, I have to admit that we're that insane.
No afraid to make a total fools out of ourselves.
So there!

So I let the snapshots do the talking;

My pitiful victim,

And I was the super-badass mamarazzi.
He looked fatty in this snapshot!
I liked it~
Look at my face, hilarious much?
Big eater, but still tiny~
What the fuck was I doing there?
I fancy myself as a good girl eh?
Can't help it!

Okay, confession time!
This might be our first time having a uber-cool 3D.
We smashed a Toy Story 3 for that.

BUT! My hideous nose seemed can't stood by the huge/heavy shades!
Damn it.

So poyo!


MCD-ing pula!

I treated him with MEGA MAC!
He was hilariously asked for it.
FYI, his favorite-Big Mac.
But this time around, he desired an extraordinary treats!
So I just approved.

If only I have a candle for that, it'd be sweeeet~

Introduce you;
My new monster in town!

For the 2nd day of celebration, I have promised him to visit HIS friends at ZOO!
But it's heavy downpour in K-fucking-L.

Off to MidValley (I don't like this place but since we were running out of idea about where-the-heck-we-can-hang-around matter, we had planned to smash a film, but how on earth are we supposed to do since there was no splendid film in a mo??)

Sushi-ing is the best plan after all.
Activity; Menggemokkan Si Gemok.

The Birthday Boy!


After much of BAD luck happened today, there's ONE miracle;

It has been ages not to meet this. Thank god we found this super-cool rainbow. The last time we saw was a shooting stars for our monthliversary, but this is a double happyness! So happy till I was speechless, how cool is that?

Sayang, you're sooo lucky today!

But if my treats are not keen, I (still) wanna bring you visiting your 'friends' in another day, after I resigned. Still, there's always have a birthday celebration in another years. Why must are we being so shallow right?

Just wait!


My new therapy.

I ache.
My body ache.
My legs ache.
My arms ache.
My eyes ache.
My mind too!

I was too freaking busy and and I've got heartache too.

Turn out.
It wasn't very hard to keep my mind off things.
A shopping spree does the trick!
Even with all that's happening and fuck knows I only can blast it off at recess time-think that I will not have proper time to eat, oh well I still made time for I Love Bazaar!
Superwoman indeed eh?

It has been ages not having a shop-till-you-drop time! (Due to money&time constraints)
It's like nothing can relaxes me more than a good session of retail therapy!

Although the whole event was relatively small, but there were certainly good finds THERE!
I can admit now that working at Subang Parade is a total worthy.
God loves me after all!

I did find some (MANY!) to-die-for pieces that I MUST grab but due to the fact I've got (literally) a small amount of pays, so that I MUST buy something that is practical for everyday wear. The fuck? It will be no fun right? Sheeshhh man.

And I managed to find a booth which sells dress waaaay cheaper. As always finding a steal there was not so hard, not more an hour, I managed to find a perfect dresses and necklace. Had to be quick, before 1 hour break were over. Sigh.

Frankly, I've been going gaga/dotty/kooky trying to find the perfect dress for me to rock on. I'm so into the design this season. Too long to wear in campus, too short to go to parties in? Oh no, too short to go to mamak anyway. Heh.

I can imagine myself rocking this dress in formal shindig or even a classy dinner date but let's be real people, when the heck am I going to wear to either of those? I'm more of a mamak lepaker anyway. Thus, definitely a no-way-in-hell on practicality. Sigh.

But I can't help myself. I was ter-bought this!
*Flying kick muka sendiri*

RM35 flew away. But it does worth it (which amazed me) because I can affirm that it's made from a real good material! AND it has embedded pockets! I LIKE~

My obsession won this time around, the theory of mine did not succeed.
Boo me. But at least I can wear it when having a special date with the boyfriend :)

But I need a uber-cool belt for that.


And these were too cute to pass up! Put aside my idiotic theory at the mo now can I? Plus, it's only costs me RM25 *Jaws drop!* (I flipped the price tag over and it's at RM39) But the sister automatically gave me a lower price since I bought two dresses from her. Thank you!

With only RM25, I can buy nothing at Topshop/MNG/DP right? Please do not argue about the quality can we?

Oh I'm so in love with the material this season-for some rum reason-I'm normally not a flower person. And it will be my loverboy's favorite! Heh.

BTW, it's not hard to find this type of dress today, but it can get a pretty pricey if you buy at the branded shop-thinking a price at range between RM40-RM60. Yikes! Ergo, this is pretty worthy to grab!

*Big grins all the way around*


I can't took my eyes off this beautiful necklace since I found it at the first instalment but that time I don't have enough dosh to snatch it. RYL Designs rocks! They only costs me RM29 from RM35. I know it's kinda pricey but I do not care!

The charms; vintage coin, leaf, cottage, royal key, lead. Too many charms till I can make another necklace by myself. Extra charms points at that! I absolutely LOVE the artsy twist. Whee~

P/S; I was freaking happy of shopping, alone! No one can actually bothers you with negative comments and all. So there~

On the next day (I still haven't get kepuasan membeli-belah!);
But this time I have an ally recruited!

Another cute dress. Another RM25 flew away, just like that~

Unfortunately my ally said this is too crowded/vexed/tacky.
Fortunately, (for some odd reason) I love flower prints. (since I'm in lovey-dovey mode.)
Only then, she agreed!

Plus, I can wear it on campus, with jacket/cardigan on.
Yeay-yeay on my idiotic theory.


Left; RM25
Right; RM30

A big OMG at that! Hihi.
I needed more leggings. I love looking sexayy from my back. Keep it tight then go!


Can you believe this baju kurung sold at RM50?
The lady got me a hijab for FREE.
Another flower prints!

People, you'd better buy a baju raya NOW!
Before it's too late.
Ha ha.

Please know that my shopping time is only in my break. So, I don't have much time! But if I have extra dosh this weekend (I have already resigned on 30th), I will definitely be there! (since it's near my place) AND only then I can draw a big grins on my face,again. That is why we call it as a retail therapy!

Call me cheap (but I'd prefer the word-Frugal) and you really don't have to break the bank to look good anyway. Sometimes, the cheaper the better.

Am a BIG spender, I must admit.
Please please know that I can't keep my dosh safely.
Help me :(

Need to save up some money for the 'special' celebration.

(I now fancy myself as a model! Heh)


I Am Twelve! Still~

It's 25th of June.
I'm just hit 21 today.
No yeay :(

And I completely do not understand what is a big deal about getting older! Surely you thank your lucky star that you haven't dumped in hades (still). But other than that, growing older is all about hugging more responsibilities, more works and studies. To make it worse; less fun. It's like growing older=growing pains. Sigh~

I desperately wanna be twelve, again!

And fuck knows how much I missed the time that I used to play with my toys and to rock my super'vintage' clothes and the swimming suit, playing my role as kiddo, never think of any serious thingamajig, just laugh and having fun with other kids. Lovely~

Aside from my dowdy-frumpy-mopey mood due to the fact that I'm no longer kiddie, 2010 has actually treated me better;

Y I have family which is actually my real support and I love 'em to death. (Well at least I do)

Y I have a boyfriend who really loves me. (I affirm that)

Y I have (approximately) 3 year friendship with The Besties has now turned 4th and stronger than ever. (Am actually don't have a good girlfriend in my list and it's a short list anyway)

Y I have (eventually) found a friends on uni who I can trust and depend on. (Trust me, with all hate and backstabbing propensities in the faculty-this is certainly a big deal of all)

Speaking of the celebration of my birthday, 'twas awesome, have squeezed cakes all the way around. Am so fucking happy and has accidentally diminished all of my bad thoughts that had dwelt in me all of these years. So grateful!

Even though we haven't planned anything for my birthday night, I still wanna took opening/morning shift for celebrating my birthday nevertheless. After much fight about to grab an opening shift with the stupid manager, since he wanted to 'kenakan' me, I've finally succeed to go back earlier since I've always work in full shift. Damn him.

The supervisor (Abg Man) has surprisingly outdid himself! I've got 2 slices of cakes; Apple Cheese Slice and Yogurt Cheese that he got me. I (literally) felt warm inside. This is a good sign that my day wouldn't be shitty like I usually had! Pathetic much? BTW, I thank him for letting myself to choose the cakes that I've been craving for.

I guess what made me enjoyed the past 2 days so much was that I got to spend both days with almost all of my favorite people, combined. After having such a rough/rocky/cranky week, I deserved a feel good time at the mo.

And for the first time in my life, somebody threw me a BIG surprise. Even though the method they used to rook me there is somewhat mortifying for me-because the bestie has used the same method of mine when I was giving a BIG surprise on her birthday party, I told them I'll come but I had suddenly cancelled it at the last min and she was fucking angry/sad/unhappy. But then I came into the party with a cakes and sang a birthday song. 'Twas a BIG surprise indeed. I love making a surprise anyway, while she might get heart attack then. Muahaha!

BUT for mine; they failed!

And that was because of the boyfriend has already told me her dirrty-little-secret/surprised plans. I felt somewhat doomed, when you suddenly know the truth, it's not a surprise anymore. What a waste! The boyfriend was like; he couldn't keep lying to me (What a great boyfie eh?) So, I just played my part. And THAT is funny! The boyfie and I didn't know how to act that we'll be surprised by them, that was not so easy. I was trying to not perasan that they were on trying to light a candles until the candles was melted down and the cake became 'candle cake'! What gives eh?

But if the surprise is really happen, I think I will cry, hard. Thankfully, that's not happening. On the next year, please do something blast off! Heh. But still, it was beyond sweet, small & personal, just the way I like it :)

The hurrah moment; Miza&Adol successfully came to the party too! And so as K.lily! And I ALMOST shed tears. ALMOST lah~

I think this year is the best ever I had, with him everything feels so good!

DAMN I feel old.

-.-" !!!


"Am getting older, but not very wise."

My sister finally has the time to see me so that we can finally hang out and catch up proper. If not because of her, I will never go to the clubs any longer. All of my bad habit is already gone since the last time I went there. But then again, 'twas because of her. For the sake of kinship we have built all these years, so there~

It has been ages haven't meet her and the crowd. Almost 4 fucking months? Holy cow. Ergo, there's no doubt with the invitation. I swear to god that my heart said that I don't have to go but my move said that I wouldn't miss a thing. I thank you for keeping a promise that you made and still now you remember that. Thank you for the wishes and everything. I know I was a lame but I promise you that I will make it happen. Just wait.

Had fun bubbling with my dear sister and befriend with the new girls; Meera & I'm-sorry-I-can't-remember-your-name-is.

To my good record; I don't drink! How cool is that?

To my brighter record; I didn't do dirrty dance. Well, should save up the energy for the boyfriend only. Heh.

Picture courtesy of Mimie & Meera.

Having fun at Quattro is quite fun, though I'm so fucking tired and stressing out that I am 21 in two freaking days! What a shock! I can't believe that I'm getting older and older.

But I am so happy that the bouncer did not believe that I'm (actually) 21 which is I can pass the lines for clubbing. It means, I still looking like a kid! My face and bod! Yesss~

At the risk of sounding a total poyo, I proved them (the bodyguard) my I.C. with proud face of mine. Muehehe~

So leave me the fuck alone.

I'm 21 but still look younger, how cool is that??

I wish the 25th will just pass by without any wishes of people around me. Please stop reminding me that I'm old :(