"Am getting older, but not very wise."

My sister finally has the time to see me so that we can finally hang out and catch up proper. If not because of her, I will never go to the clubs any longer. All of my bad habit is already gone since the last time I went there. But then again, 'twas because of her. For the sake of kinship we have built all these years, so there~

It has been ages haven't meet her and the crowd. Almost 4 fucking months? Holy cow. Ergo, there's no doubt with the invitation. I swear to god that my heart said that I don't have to go but my move said that I wouldn't miss a thing. I thank you for keeping a promise that you made and still now you remember that. Thank you for the wishes and everything. I know I was a lame but I promise you that I will make it happen. Just wait.

Had fun bubbling with my dear sister and befriend with the new girls; Meera & I'm-sorry-I-can't-remember-your-name-is.

To my good record; I don't drink! How cool is that?

To my brighter record; I didn't do dirrty dance. Well, should save up the energy for the boyfriend only. Heh.

Picture courtesy of Mimie & Meera.

Having fun at Quattro is quite fun, though I'm so fucking tired and stressing out that I am 21 in two freaking days! What a shock! I can't believe that I'm getting older and older.

But I am so happy that the bouncer did not believe that I'm (actually) 21 which is I can pass the lines for clubbing. It means, I still looking like a kid! My face and bod! Yesss~

At the risk of sounding a total poyo, I proved them (the bodyguard) my I.C. with proud face of mine. Muehehe~

So leave me the fuck alone.

I'm 21 but still look younger, how cool is that??

I wish the 25th will just pass by without any wishes of people around me. Please stop reminding me that I'm old :(