Cake's Day!

Last night was awesome!
The theory of mine is really KICK-ASS!

It called Cheeze Choc.
I looked grumpy at that!

My Loverboy!

He totally likes the cake's day! Needless to say, after all much chaos happened between us, we really need this! Yeay :)

I just love having a cheese down into my throat.
If it happens merely with him, everything seemingly goes well~


And today we just hit 1 beautiful year & 4 sorcerous months!

Spoiler alert!;
I still have to work, from 9.30-10.30!
Life's a prick, I know!

I refused to buy this one since we've always binged American Brownies but I can't help myself! My craving couldn't resist it! Help me!

And for him I bought Choc-freaking-Banana and thank god he liked it!

1, 2, 3 Fuuuuh!

I LOVE YOU, silly boy!

Farewell, my black balloon
If the weather had it's way with you.

I totally fell in love at first hearing, and I can't wait for the new album released! I'll be the first person who snatch it! Watch me~

The Dead Weather can't beat 'em easily nevertheless!

Grade: A
(For the whole The Kills album I've heard)
-Still want to give a music reviews heh?-