The Great Escape(not~)

I just wanna grasp my life back can I???

I want to spend my time with my favorite people after having such a rough week, emotional roller coaster and all, I guess I pretty much deserved a break now and fuck knows how glad I am that I exactly what I needed. So I need much break now. A day never enough! I need another zillion years to have splendid time with you. Oh you :)

Damn, I feel old now as I haven't got my own time with my darlings and boyfriend. Fuck, this is ridiculous. The decision to do a part-time job was really a BIG mistake of mine. Sigh.

Though I know the pays wasn't worthy than I once thought but I still wanna stay. Oh well, I have an allergic of serving people there. I'll be damned if the job is permanent, not less in a month I'll quit-to say the least. This may happen due to the trouble occurred between other staff, tiring works and all. But one thing I know is that I get an experience that people might not get. Whateverrrr!

For more 2 bloody weeks!
I should be strong and stronger!