I Am Twelve! Still~

It's 25th of June.
I'm just hit 21 today.
No yeay :(

And I completely do not understand what is a big deal about getting older! Surely you thank your lucky star that you haven't dumped in hades (still). But other than that, growing older is all about hugging more responsibilities, more works and studies. To make it worse; less fun. It's like growing older=growing pains. Sigh~

I desperately wanna be twelve, again!

And fuck knows how much I missed the time that I used to play with my toys and to rock my super'vintage' clothes and the swimming suit, playing my role as kiddo, never think of any serious thingamajig, just laugh and having fun with other kids. Lovely~

Aside from my dowdy-frumpy-mopey mood due to the fact that I'm no longer kiddie, 2010 has actually treated me better;

Y I have family which is actually my real support and I love 'em to death. (Well at least I do)

Y I have a boyfriend who really loves me. (I affirm that)

Y I have (approximately) 3 year friendship with The Besties has now turned 4th and stronger than ever. (Am actually don't have a good girlfriend in my list and it's a short list anyway)

Y I have (eventually) found a friends on uni who I can trust and depend on. (Trust me, with all hate and backstabbing propensities in the faculty-this is certainly a big deal of all)

Speaking of the celebration of my birthday, 'twas awesome, have squeezed cakes all the way around. Am so fucking happy and has accidentally diminished all of my bad thoughts that had dwelt in me all of these years. So grateful!

Even though we haven't planned anything for my birthday night, I still wanna took opening/morning shift for celebrating my birthday nevertheless. After much fight about to grab an opening shift with the stupid manager, since he wanted to 'kenakan' me, I've finally succeed to go back earlier since I've always work in full shift. Damn him.

The supervisor (Abg Man) has surprisingly outdid himself! I've got 2 slices of cakes; Apple Cheese Slice and Yogurt Cheese that he got me. I (literally) felt warm inside. This is a good sign that my day wouldn't be shitty like I usually had! Pathetic much? BTW, I thank him for letting myself to choose the cakes that I've been craving for.

I guess what made me enjoyed the past 2 days so much was that I got to spend both days with almost all of my favorite people, combined. After having such a rough/rocky/cranky week, I deserved a feel good time at the mo.

And for the first time in my life, somebody threw me a BIG surprise. Even though the method they used to rook me there is somewhat mortifying for me-because the bestie has used the same method of mine when I was giving a BIG surprise on her birthday party, I told them I'll come but I had suddenly cancelled it at the last min and she was fucking angry/sad/unhappy. But then I came into the party with a cakes and sang a birthday song. 'Twas a BIG surprise indeed. I love making a surprise anyway, while she might get heart attack then. Muahaha!

BUT for mine; they failed!

And that was because of the boyfriend has already told me her dirrty-little-secret/surprised plans. I felt somewhat doomed, when you suddenly know the truth, it's not a surprise anymore. What a waste! The boyfriend was like; he couldn't keep lying to me (What a great boyfie eh?) So, I just played my part. And THAT is funny! The boyfie and I didn't know how to act that we'll be surprised by them, that was not so easy. I was trying to not perasan that they were on trying to light a candles until the candles was melted down and the cake became 'candle cake'! What gives eh?

But if the surprise is really happen, I think I will cry, hard. Thankfully, that's not happening. On the next year, please do something blast off! Heh. But still, it was beyond sweet, small & personal, just the way I like it :)

The hurrah moment; Miza&Adol successfully came to the party too! And so as K.lily! And I ALMOST shed tears. ALMOST lah~

I think this year is the best ever I had, with him everything feels so good!

DAMN I feel old.

-.-" !!!