Modern Romance.

It's 29th! His birthday!
Since 1 snapshot = 1,000 words, I loaded up a bunch of snapshots instead :)

We also got a little overboard for camwhoring.
Heckyeah, I have to admit that we're that insane.
No afraid to make a total fools out of ourselves.
So there!

So I let the snapshots do the talking;

My pitiful victim,

And I was the super-badass mamarazzi.
He looked fatty in this snapshot!
I liked it~
Look at my face, hilarious much?
Big eater, but still tiny~
What the fuck was I doing there?
I fancy myself as a good girl eh?
Can't help it!

Okay, confession time!
This might be our first time having a uber-cool 3D.
We smashed a Toy Story 3 for that.

BUT! My hideous nose seemed can't stood by the huge/heavy shades!
Damn it.

So poyo!


MCD-ing pula!

I treated him with MEGA MAC!
He was hilariously asked for it.
FYI, his favorite-Big Mac.
But this time around, he desired an extraordinary treats!
So I just approved.

If only I have a candle for that, it'd be sweeeet~

Introduce you;
My new monster in town!

For the 2nd day of celebration, I have promised him to visit HIS friends at ZOO!
But it's heavy downpour in K-fucking-L.

Off to MidValley (I don't like this place but since we were running out of idea about where-the-heck-we-can-hang-around matter, we had planned to smash a film, but how on earth are we supposed to do since there was no splendid film in a mo??)

Sushi-ing is the best plan after all.
Activity; Menggemokkan Si Gemok.

The Birthday Boy!


After much of BAD luck happened today, there's ONE miracle;

It has been ages not to meet this. Thank god we found this super-cool rainbow. The last time we saw was a shooting stars for our monthliversary, but this is a double happyness! So happy till I was speechless, how cool is that?

Sayang, you're sooo lucky today!

But if my treats are not keen, I (still) wanna bring you visiting your 'friends' in another day, after I resigned. Still, there's always have a birthday celebration in another years. Why must are we being so shallow right?

Just wait!