Last night Shila (the bestie) just called me to say that the result will be officially out today. Well I wasn't fast enough to get it and end my misery. Bloody hell.

9.00 p.m.
Even I know I have promised with the boyfriend that I will check the result with him, I still wanna try to find it out by myself. Fuck me.

So I waited with patience and non-stop refreshed the link over and over again since the server was too freaking busy. Dumdfucks! So I browsed friend's FB to find out what's going on. Got answer: "Sampai bila nak refresh ni, lembab betol!" and got the same answer by SMSing my others friend. Sigh.

My effort to get result alone was a BIG mistake anyway. So I'd better gave it away to meet the boyfriend and gave him up! At 11, we tried to get the results(with no more patient dah) but it didn't happen until we both gave up pula! We're going nuts aren't we?!

The fuck?!
This whole thing is goddamn stressing me out! It hits a nerve.

So waiting and thinking if I'm gonna be executed is fuck-shit scary! No way in hell I will fail! Till then, will be staring into space and hoping the clock ticks faster. Please just get the result out already! Pretty PLEASE~

MORE waiting.

1.30 a.m

The results are FINALLY out!
I am SO fucking HAPPY!

I was convinced that my results will be worst than last semester! Cause I thought I played around way more than last sem and due to the fact that my carry marks way lower than last sem! Or maybe it is because I didn't skip classes this sem? Awhh did I mention that I have promised myself to be nerdy this time around? Ngehhhh.

And THIS surpasses my expectations(or others especially who's always underestimate me!!

I kick-ass yo!
(Though I know my results are not gempaks like others but I STILL wanna brag it out!)

Bring it down;

Thank you Lord! He loves me after all!
Thank you Ayah & Emak for your prayers!
Thank you lectures for actually teaching me!
Thank you friends who kept me accompany/guided me to study/goofed off with me to release stress and everyting!

Last but not least, thank you Sayang for your lovely supports/your astounding magic/your sweet cajolery-I need that!

Ha ha, sounds like an award speech pula! Fuck yeah I won!

Now, time to sleep!

I work at 12 p.m. tomorrow. WORK?! Ha ha, sorry for my disappearing act, will update it all SOON! Yeah right. I'm SO fucking BUZEHHH, I've even do not have time for myself.

Sad lah. :(